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Stroke sequelae, stroke hemiplegia page

冠心病和脑中风都是杀人魔王。 ---- Coronary heart disease and stroke are both killers. Although patients with hypertension insist on taking medication, antihypertensive drugs cannot remove the root cause of atherosclerosis. As the patient ages, the lipid deposition in the arteries will gradually increase and thicken. When a small atheromatous plaque falls off or the blood clots When formed, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction will occur. Normal or hypotension can also occur. Cardio-cerebral atherosclerosis cannot be resolved by current medication. Doctors can only save the lives of patients with coronary heart disease by surgery, but they cannot restore the health of the patient's heart. Because the patient ’s heart ’s coronary arteries also have atherosclerosis in the thinner arteries, surgery is not possible, and the patient ’s blood viscosity may be higher, forming a microcirculation disorder in the artery itself. "Stents" patients may still have chest tightness and heartache. This is the same as patients who have suffered a stroke and had craniotomy or debridement surgery due to cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage. The patient may still suffer from headache due to cerebral atherosclerosis. Numerous facts show that cardio-cerebral atherosclerosis cannot be cured by drugs and surgery.
In a letter dated November 28, 2005, Duan Shenzhi, Xiangxiang City, Hunan, said: "My nephew Peng Jianping is 43 years old. He is 38 years old and has a hemiplegia caused by a stroke. His left side is not convenient. He started drinking on October 1st. When I went to his house, I was fat and had lost a lot of weight. The tremor in my hands was greatly reduced and the tremor time was reduced. Now I walk more securely, faster, and can ride a bicycle. "Letter from April 12, 2006, again The report said: "Peng Jianping is a farmer. He has been suffering from hemiplegia for more than five years because of a stroke. Although he can walk slowly, he is not stable, and there is a risk of falling if he is inadvertent. He has been drinking ionized water for half a year, and he has a hand for the first month. The tremor improved significantly, and then rebounded. He insisted on drinking adequately, paying attention to diet, insisting on walking every day, and now he has improved greatly. According to his words, his legs and feet are 80% better; his hands only tremble for a short time before going to bed. After walking for a while, he can barely pick dry dung, but not water dung. Now, he can pick not only dry dung, but also water dung; the left hand shakes nothing, just an embroidery needle falls on On the ground, he can pick it up with his left hand. If it was before, it was dust. Nothing. This spring sowing, digging and preparing land, picking dung and going to the field, and throwing seedlings, he can do it. He said excitedly: "I really didn't expect to be so fast. If I first knew that ionized water can cure this disease, and Why bother with hemiplegia for five years. '"

----逐渐改善至消除中风肢体障碍和语言障碍 -------- ---- Gradually improve to eliminate stroke and language disorders

我于2011年3月去信,向段慎之先生调查他们五里村几位农民使用的远期效果。 ---- I wrote to Mr. Duan Shenzhi in March 2011 to investigate the long-term effects used by several farmers in Wuli Village. A letter dated March 22, 2011 from Peng Jianping said: "In 2000, I was 38 years old. He had left hemiplegia for five years due to thalamic hemorrhage. I went to the famous XX hospital, but the money was spent and my condition did not improve. I had to go home. I am very tall and young, lying on the bed, I feel very uncomfortable, especially spring ploughing. The six acres of responsible fields in my family are all asking for help. My lover is too busy to deal with, but only my big man is idle. At home, my heart is really like a knife. In 2005, I sent the information of the ion water bottle. I hope this small molecule water can save me, but there is no precedent in the information. At that time, I wanted to try my luck and always wanted Try ... "" On October 1st, 2005, I sent a small molecule water bottle. My house was very lively that day. Both men and women came to see it. It was ordinary, very ordinary. Some people said that water can cure the disease after passing through the middle. It's deceptive ... For five years of my hemiplegia, my mood was distressed, and then it became worse year by year, and there was a tremor phenomenon, especially in the left hand. The bowl trembled at the end of the meal. I can only stop the bowl and stop it slowly. When I drink small After 20 days of molecular water, this trembling appeared It seems much better. Two months later, the tremor phenomenon was only at night before going to bed. It has been more than five years to this day. I am well drank and drinking. In the spring plowing season in 2006, I went to work and had more than six acres of paddy fields. I never asked for help in farm work. In 2007, I bought a roll-on boat and a water pump, and I paid for all the farm work in my family. In 2008, I started to help people plow the fields. Whoever lacked labor would call me. Until now, I can help anyone with things. Now the younger and younger I am, the more I live, the more I live. The family of four lives comfortably. I thank you for inventing the small molecule water bottle and the high quality small molecule water for saving my life! "
湖南湘乡市彭政南于2012年2月14日来信反映:“我老俩口是新用户,我叫彭政南,76岁,患高血压。肤色暗淡。我老婆胡秀英,72岁,2004年春,她中风瘫痪,不能行走,不能说话,生活不能自理。两个儿子在外地工作,要我请个褓姆,我考虑添个陌生人不方便。所以一直是我照顾家务,烧火做饭,护理老婆,还要替她洗澡擦身。我们于去年(2011年)7月22日使用段老师送来的卓康小分子水瓶喝水,当我喝到20多天时,我的肤色变了,老婆的肤色也变了,由暗淡色变成白里透红,光彩多了,我心里高兴极了,知道这是极好的预兆。我俩喝水已有半年,我的双腿不再发抖,血压基本正常。特别是我老婆,能自己洗澡,自己料理自己的生活,能独自行步,语言障碍已经消除,能脸带笑容开口说话,吐词清楚,声音爽亮,跟以前一样,心里乐滋滋的。完全不 ---- Peng Zhengnan, Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province, wrote a letter on February 14, 2012, "My old couple are new users. My name is Peng Zhengnan. I am 76 years old and have high blood pressure. My skin tone is dull. My wife Hu Xiuying, 72, 2004 In the spring, she was paralyzed, she couldn't walk, couldn't talk, and couldn't take care of herself. The two sons were working in other places and asked me to ask for a nanny. I thought it would be inconvenient to add a stranger. So I always take care of housework and cook fire To take care of my wife, I need to bathe and wipe her body. On July 22 last year (2011), we used a small molecular water bottle from Zhuo Kang sent by Teacher Duan to drink water. When I drank it for more than 20 days, my complexion changed. My wife's complexion has also changed, from a faint color to a rosy white, and she is much more radiant. I am very happy, knowing that this is an excellent omen. We have been drinking water for half a year, and my legs no longer tremble. , Blood pressure is basically normal. Especially my wife, who can take a bath by herself, manage her own life, can walk alone, the language barrier has been eliminated, she can speak with a smile, speak clearly, her voice is bright, as before, in her heart Lezizi. Not at all I was stunned before. I haven't talked to my wife for seven or eight years. I usually call her. She just nodded, and her tears flowed. How she wanted to speak, I understand, but my heartache. I really did n’t expect to be here today. Dialogue with my wife to exchange emotions, I am extremely excited, I can't believe everything in front of me, the big hospital can't cure the disease, drink high-quality small molecular water to cure it, this is a miracle! A miracle! The scientific god, the true god of water!
陆江先生,您发明的小分子水杯拯救了我这个家庭,带来温暖与快乐,驱走了孤独与寂寞。 ---- Mr. Lu Jiang, the small molecule water glass you invented has saved my family, brought warmth and happiness, and driven away loneliness and loneliness. During the Spring Festival, the children and grandchildren came back, holding each other in tears, happy, excited and joyful. We wish you all together and toast together Thank you for being a great inventor.
安徽省巢湖市叶忠平于2010年6月16日来信说:“我的脑中风后遗症改善,原来行走困难,左腿不灵活,现在跟正常人相差无几……。” ---- Ye Zhongping, Chaohu City, Anhui Province, wrote a letter on June 16, 2010: "My sequelae of stroke improved. I had difficulty walking and my left leg was not flexible. Now I am almost the same as a normal person ..."
人们不禁要问:为什么喝优质小分子水能能改善至消除中风后遗症患者的肢体障碍,甚至语言障碍? ---- People can't help asking: Why can drinking high-quality small-molecule water improve to eliminate the physical obstacles and even language barriers of patients with stroke sequelae? Because high-quality small-molecule water has small molecular clusters, water is "dispersed", has strong penetrating power, and easily enters the cells. After drinking, the body's biochemical effect improves, lowering blood lipids and blood viscosity, and the new red blood cells have small stiffness and large deformability. Therefore, the microcirculation is improved, making red blood cells and high-quality small-molecule water-rich plasma omnipotent, and mobilizing the self-repairing function of the human body; some users do biochemical detection after drinking for 6 months, and the high-density lipoprotein is about 1.0 from the original Increase to 1.8 to 3.8. High-density lipoprotein is the "cleaner" in the arteries. It continuously captures the deposits in the arteries, so it can reverse and eliminate atherosclerosis after drinking, which increases the blood volume and blood flow in the arteries. And because high-quality small molecule water has strong permeability and good dispersibility, after drinking, it goes everywhere in the body and enters many dehydrated cells. Therefore, after drinking, patients with stroke sequelae have lowered blood lipids and blood viscosity, improved microcirculation throughout the body, repaired microvessels, and rebuilt neurons, nerve cells, and capillaries, gradually improving and eliminating limb disorders. Therefore, patients with stroke and hemiplegia who drink high-quality small-molecule water are expected to improve their physical disorders, and gradually recover some or even all of their dysfunctions, so that they can gradually return to being able to take care of themselves, even have the ability to work and create wealth. people. This successful case of medical practice is worthy of further research and experiments by medical experts to sum up the results with theoretical basis, so that doctors recommend the majority of patients to drink high-quality small-molecule water, and benefit more than one million sibs disabled by stroke in China every year. Strokes have benefited the world.

Based on clinical reports and user letters , the inventor Lu Jiang wrote and explored its therapeutic mechanism. Related articles include:


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