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Drink high-quality small molecule water to treat hyperviscosity

Lu Jiang (Honorary Medical Specialist, World Medical Council)

天然水经过良好的技术处理之后,水分子间的许多氢键被切断,形成富含小分子团的离子水。 ---- After good technical treatment of natural water, many hydrogen bonds between water molecules are cut off to form ionic water rich in small molecular groups. This small-molecule water is very "dispersed". After drinking, it improves the body's biochemical effect and has a good medical effect on hyperviscosity. I have invented the "Zuokang brand" small-molecule ion water physiotherapy bottle, which has been delivered to three provincial hospitals, showing that it has a good effect on patients with cardiocerebral atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperviscosity.
高黏血症是由血液黏滞因素升高而致的综合症。 ---- Hyperviscosity is a syndrome caused by increased blood viscosity factors. Blood viscosity factors include: plasma viscosity, red blood cell aggregation, increased viscosity and stiffness of red blood cells. The harm of this disease is the increase of tangible substances in the blood, easy to form microcirculation disorders, easy to produce microthrombus or coagulation products, increase the resistance of blood flow, make the blood flow slow, the cells are hypoxic, and the red blood cells pass through tiny capillaries. The ability to bend and deform is reduced, and it is easy to be seized and destroyed by reticular endothelial cells such as the spleen, which greatly shortens the life span of red blood cells and causes secondary red blood cells to increase. Patients often have numbness in hands and feet, dizziness, and chest tightness, which cause hypoxia or damage to tissues and organs. In severe cases, chronic respiratory failure may cause serious complications that promote the exacerbation of the disease. It can cause insufficient blood supply to important organs such as heart, brain and lungs. Cardio-cerebral vascular disease develops, including dyspnea, cough, shortness of breath, blood in sputum, and lip cyanosis; it occurs in the cardio-renal system, and heart failure, palpitations, chest tightness, oliguria, and edema may occur; Dizziness, tinnitus, hearing impairment, or mental disorders may occur. Opaque nerves and retinas may also be involved in blurred vision. In the digestive system, fullness due to gastrointestinal congestion, decreased appetite, and hepatosplenomegaly may occur. Peripheral blood vessels may appear dark purple on the cheeks, cyanosis of the lips, dark purple on the tongue, varicose veins of the tongue, and skin ecchymosis.
高黏血症的病因是食物中某些营养过多,而饮水和活动少。 ---- The cause of hyperviscosity is that some nutrients in the food are too much, and water and activity are low. Comprehensive treatment measures are: 1. bloodletting, hemodilution therapy; 2. drug treatment: conventional treatment including anticoagulants, antilipids, vitamins, etc .; 3. change the recipe, eat less high-fat foods and fried foods, eat less seeds , Peanuts and other dried fruits, eat more vegetables, fruits and black fungus, garlic, onion, etc., eat less animal offal and fat, eat less sweets; 4. Quit smoking; 5. Drink plenty of cold boiled water at about 30 ℃, preferably high quality Molecular water; 6. Right amount of exercise.
由于目前对此症无特效药,如果采用喝优质小分子水的非药物治疗法,每天饮量1.5~2升,对一般患者的高黏滞血症都能取得较好的效果。 ---- Since there is no effective medicine for this disease, if you use non-drug treatment method of drinking high-quality small molecular water, the daily consumption is 1.5 to 2 liters, which can achieve better results for general patients with hyperviscosity. . The reason is that the small molecule water has large dispersion and strong penetrability. After drinking on an empty stomach, it can disperse the agglomerated red blood cells. At the same time, it easily penetrates the cell membrane, improves the metabolism of red blood cells and the fibrin of the cell membrane, reduces the viscosity of red blood cells, Reduced stiffness also improves the deformability of red blood cells. After drinking, the newly formed red blood cells are highly deformable and can smoothly pass through the capillaries. The deformability of red blood cells is an important factor affecting the flow of blood, an important determinant of the life cycle of red blood cells in the body, and a necessary condition for effective microcirculation perfusion. Moreover, Drinking high-quality small-molecule water is good for lowering blood lipids, because high blood lipids can inhibit fibrinolysis and increase blood viscosity. So drinking small molecule water lowers blood viscosity faster and better.
喝优质小分子水是治疗高黏血症的良方,可较快地改善血液流变学指标,改善微循环,改善和消除一糸列有关症状,已为临床观察和广大用户的使用实践所验证。 ---- Drinking high-quality small-molecule water is a good way to treat hyperviscosity. It can quickly improve blood rheology indexes, improve microcirculation, and improve and eliminate a series of related symptoms. It has been a clinical observation and a large number of users. Proven using practice. For example, Wang Xiurong Drinking in Baishan City, Jilin, wrote for nearly a year and later said: "Previously, the blood viscosity test results were hyperviscosity and red blood cell aggregation. The test results on September 10 this year were all normal, such as plasma viscosity 1.59 (normal value 1.26 ~ 1.70) ), The red blood cell aggregation index of 4.78 (normal value of 3.31 to 5.75), and the blood viscosity was cured. "Jiang Guangliang, Yunnan Seismological Bureau, wrote:" After 90 days of testing, the plasma viscosity and high-cut whole blood viscosity have become normal; Hypotension increased to 110/70. On the 180th day of testing, 7 high blood viscosity values including mid-cut and low-cut whole blood viscosity were all reduced to normal; blood pressure rose to 120/80. My scientific attitude and scientific spirit and science The experience has enabled me to experience the amazing effect of drinking small-molecule water in half a year. ”Zhang Renjie of Changshu City not only cured coronary heart disease and hypertension, but also eliminated kidney stones, enhanced immunity, and told him : "Previously, his lips were purple due to lack of oxygen, and the blood vessels were unblocked, turning red." This vividly reflects the signs that after drinking high-quality small molecule water, he lowered blood viscosity, improved microcirculation, and opened blood vessels. (See http://tourys.cn for details)
高黏血症患者往往伴发高血脂,这是因食物过多而致的代谢性疾病,是长期吃得多、动得少、营养过剩而形成,因而在喝优质小分子水治疗过程中,必须节制主食和肉类,进食量应按各人活动消耗量的不同而调整,使进餐前有5—10分钟饥饿感,把好“先饥而食”关,晚餐少吃主仓肉食,多吃蔬菜水果,每天饮够优质小分子水,治愈疾病则指日可待。 ---- Patients with hyperviscosity are often accompanied by hyperlipidemia. This is a metabolic disease caused by too much food. It is formed by eating more for a long time, moving less, and excess nutrition. Therefore, they are drinking high-quality small molecular water. During the treatment process, the main food and meat must be controlled. The amount of food should be adjusted according to the activity consumption of each person, so that there is a sense of hunger 5-10 minutes before eating. To eat meat, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink enough small-molecule water every day, and cure diseases is just around the corner. ?

卓康牌小分子团离子水理疗瓶为中国著名品牌、中国名优产品、中国消费者满意名特优品牌、 ---- Zuokang brand small molecule group ion water physiotherapy bottle is a famous Chinese brand, a famous Chinese product, a famous Chinese consumer satisfaction brand,

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