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Eliminating stroke limb barriers is like saving lives

Lu Jiang, Honorary Medical Specialist of World Medical Council

我发明的产品卓康小分子水瓶处理的水,经核共振检测半幅宽55.82Hz(赫兹),为优质小分子水。 ---- The water treated by my product, the Zhuokang small-molecule water bottle, has a half-width 55.82Hz (Hertz) after nuclear resonance detection, which is high-quality small-molecule water. In the past 11 years, patients have been drinking physical therapy, and a large number of them have generally cured high (low) blood pressure and coronary heart disease and cerebral atherosclerosis, creatively solved the medical problem of reversing and eliminating atherosclerosis, making it an effective supplement to modern medicine. therapy. For many years, I have advocated that patients must go on a diet, use "Hungry Recipes" to adjust the amount of meat in the staple food, and control the daily balance of calories and consumption. I use the "Quality Tracking Questionnaire" to ask users to report their results regularly to see if they can really cure the disease. Therefore, I keep getting encouraging and encouraging news: For example, Duan Shenzhi, Wuli Village, Kunban, Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province, wrote on November 28, 2005, "My nephew Peng Jianping is 43 years old. He is 38 years old and has a hemiplegia after stroke. He started drinking on October 1st. I went to his house in November 25th. I used to be fat and now I have lost a lot of weight. The tremor in my hands has been greatly reduced and the tremor time has been shortened. Now I walk more steadily and faster. You can also ride a bicycle. "A letter from April 12, 2006 reported that" Peng Jianping is a farmer. He has been suffering from left hemiplegia for more than five years due to a stroke. Although he can walk slowly, it is not stable, and he may fall a little by accident. Dangerous. He drank ion water for half a year. The tremor of his hands improved significantly in the first month and then rebounded. He insisted on drinking adequately, paying attention to dieting, insisting on walking every day, and now he is much better. According to his words, legs and feet 80% OK; the hand only trembled shortly before bedtime. After walking for a while, he could barely pick dry dung, but not water dung. Now, not only dry dung but also water dung; left hand Take nothing and shake, it's just an embroidery needle On the ground, he can pick it up with his left hand. If it was n’t there before, he can do it this spring sowing, digging and preparing land, picking dung, and throwing seedlings. He said excitedly: 'I did n’t expect to be so fast. If you first know that ionized water can cure this disease, why bother with hemiplegia for five years. '"
2011年3月22日彭建平来信说:“2000年我38岁,因丘脑出血,使我左偏瘫五年。我去过有名的××医院,但钱花完了,病情无好转,只得回家。我高高大大、年纪轻轻,躺在床上,心里很不是滋味,特别是春耕双抢。我家的六亩多责任田都是请人帮忙。我爱人忙得不可开交,只有我这个大汉却闲在家里,真是心如刀割。2005年,我舅舅把离子水瓶的资料送来,我希望这小分子水能救我啊,但资料中没有先例,那时我想碰碰运气,心里总想要试试……” ---- On March 22, 2011, Peng Jianping wrote: "In 2000, I was 38 years old. He had left hemiplegia for five years due to thalamic hemorrhage. I went to the famous XX hospital, but the money was spent, and my condition did not improve. I had to go home. I was very tall and young, and I was lying on the bed, and it was very unpleasant in my heart, especially the spring ploughing. The six acres of responsibility fields in my family were all asking for help. My lover is too busy to deal with, only me The big man was idle at home, and his heart was like a knife cut. In 2005, I sent the information of the ion water bottle. I hope this small molecule water can save me, but there is no precedent in the information. At that time, I wanted to try my luck. I always want to try ... "
"On October 1, 2005, I sent a small molecule water bottle. My family was very busy that day. Both men and women came to see it. It was ordinary and very ordinary. Some people said that water can cure the disease after passing through the middle. It is a lie ... … For five years of my hemiplegia, my mood was distressed, and then it became worse year by year, and there was a tremor phenomenon, especially in the left hand. The bowl trembled at the end of the meal. I can only stop by slowly lowering the bowl. When I drink small molecular water for 20 days, This shivering phenomenon is much better. After two months, the shivering phenomenon was only at night before going to bed. It has been more than five years to this day. I am sick and drink well. In the spring plowing season in 2006, I went to work, more than six acres. Paddy's farm work never asked for help. In 2007, I bought a roll-on boat and a water pump, and I contracted all the farm work in my house. In 2008, I started to help people plow the field, and anyone who called for a labor shortage called me. Now, I can help anyone with something. Now the younger and younger I am, the more I live, the more I live. The family of four lives comfortably. I thank you for inventing the ion water bottle, and thank you for saving my life! " ( see: tourys.cn )
人们不禁要问:为什么喝优质小分子水能逆转和消除动脉粥样硬化,能根治高(低)血压和冠心病及脑动脉粥样硬化? ---- People cannot help asking: Why can drinking high-quality small-molecule water reverse and eliminate atherosclerosis, and can cure high (low) blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and cerebral atherosclerosis? Because the high-quality small-molecule water has small molecular clusters, the water is "dispersed", has strong penetrating power, and easily enters the cells. After drinking, the body's biochemical effect improves, lowering blood lipids and blood viscosity, and improving microcirculation; some users drink 6 After a month of biochemical testing, HDL increased from about 1.0 to 1.8 to 3.8. High-density lipoprotein is the "cleaner" in the arteries, which keeps seizing the deposits in the arteries. Moreover, the water has strong dissolving power, and the dissolution rate of urate crystals is more than twice as fast as ordinary water, so drinking in the Longyan area of Fujian has a wonderful effect, and gout will no longer be committed after three or four months. Many people in their 70s and 80s can stop taking antihypertensive drugs after drinking for a month or two, indicating that high-quality small-molecule water has a strong ability to dissolve lipid deposits in arteries. Therefore, after drinking the sequelae of stroke patients, the whole body microcirculation has improved, and the microvascular and nerve cells have not been repaired, renewed and reconstructed, which has gradually improved to eliminate limb disorders. Therefore, after drinking the water, patients with stroke and hemiplegia will gradually eliminate physical obstacles and restore the functions of the hindered limbs, and become a person with the ability to create wealth. (Consultation Tel: 0771-3937093 color advertisement see right page)
—In June 2011, "Ask for medical advice", "Wish you health" in March 2012, and "Modern Health" in June

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