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Small molecule water conquers high and low blood pressure
Lu Jiang

高血压患者都有一个梦,梦想谁发明一种药,吃了之后能一劳永逸地治愈高血压,而不需要按医嘱“终身服药”; 这种美梦做了几十年至今不能实现,其原因是高血压的病根是动脉粥样硬化,动脉中的脂质沉积,不能靠现有的扩脉剂、利尿剂、抑制剂、阻滞剂等几类降压药清除。 ---- Hypertension patients have a dream, who dreams of inventing a medicine that can cure high blood pressure once and for all, without the need to "take medicine for life" as prescribed by the doctor; this dream has not been realized for decades. The reason is that the root cause of hypertension is atherosclerosis, and lipid deposition in the arteries cannot be eliminated by existing types of antihypertensive drugs such as pulse expanders, diuretics, inhibitors, and blockers. With age, patients eat more and eat less. The excess calories taken from food every day will be converted into lipids and continue to be deposited on the inner walls of the arteries. The deposition will increase and thicken, and atherosclerosis will gradually increase, forming cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. When the atheromatous plaque ruptures, bleeds, or drops a small piece, or due to the high blood viscosity, red blood cells aggregate to form emboli, and this blood flows back to the heart and brain artery stenosis, which will cause people to suffer from myocardial infarction or Cerebral thrombosis and cerebral infarction are critically ill. Patients with primary hypotension also have the same dream, dreaming of drugs to raise blood pressure to normal, and no longer suffer from drug-free treatment; but this dream cannot always be realized, because the root cause of primary hypotension is also atherosclerosis Therefore, patients with hypotension may also suffer from myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. How can we conquer the symptoms of high and low blood pressure, so that people can overcome ills and prolong life?
通过喝小分子水理疗能治愈高、低血压,虽然千真万确,而非诓语,但绝大多数人听后不相信,是由于该科技成果还没有被大众知晓。 ---- Physical therapy of drinking small molecule water can cure high and low blood pressure. Although it is true, not slang, the vast majority of people do not believe it after hearing it, because the scientific and technological achievements have not been known to the public. For more details, readers can purchase the book "The Wonderful Function of Small Molecule Water", and more details can be found on the website: tourys.cn . It can be seen that Zhuokang Small Molecule Water Physiotherapy Bottles have been delivered to the clinics of three provincial hospitals. Trial reports, high evaluations of medical experts participating in the identification of scientific and technological achievements, and many certificates such as registration certificates for medical devices with quasi-brand names, as well as real feedback from a large number of users. The reason why it is said to be "real" is that it is not a letter typed by a computer, but the original color scanning of letters from all over the country. You can see different stationery, envelopes, stamps, and postmarks from different places. The wise man can quickly tell that the letter is authentic. Many readers who asked me asked me to tell them the phone numbers of these users. I ca n’t speak, because when we scanned the user ’s letters and surfed the Internet between 2000 and 2001, the phone number in the letter was n’t covered, so the phone at the user ’s home kept ringing, and dozens of calls were taken every day, making the old man restless. And rest. So we quickly wiped out the three digits of the phone number in the user's letter, hoping that the readers would understand. There is an irreversible chain of evidence on the webpage, which shows that the facts are reliable, the evidence is solid, and the efficacy is reliable.
网页上还有《产品信誉卡》,对用户郑重承诺:“对冠心病、脑动脉粥样硬化症、高(低)血压、高血脂症、高黏血症和慢性前列腺炎、前列腺增生疗效显著。假若用户饮服6个月到期后无效,经医院检查病情指标无改善者,200天内可凭本卡和检测报告退货,并退还说明书和文集资料。若无人为损坏,退还购货款。”卡上盖有公章,法律责任明确。 ---- There is also a "Product Credit Card" on the webpage, which solemnly promises to users: "For coronary heart disease, cerebral atherosclerosis, high (low) blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity and chronic prostatitis, Prostatic hyperplasia has a significant effect. If the user's drink is invalid after 6 months, and the patient's condition is not improved after the hospital inspection, he can return the card and test report within 200 days, and return the instructions and collections. If there is no artificial damage, return it The purchase price. "The card is stamped with the official seal and the legal responsibility is clear. This card reflects the superior quality of the product and is sure of its efficacy, and is highly responsible to the user. Imagine if the curative effect is not good and there are many returns from users, production and management will not be able to engage in it, dare to promise? Isn't it a self-death? It has been on the market for more than 8 years now, and very few returnees are required, less than 1 ‰. Among these very few users are those who do n’t believe that drinking small molecule water can cure the disease because of the low culture of their husbands or children. The vast majority of users have been effective for less than half a year. Only very few users, because they insist on a lifestyle of eating more and moving less, do not understand the need to remove lipid deposits from the arteries every day in order to reverse atherosclerosis. So few people drink it for about 3 months and it does n’t work. These people call me for consultation and I tell them: they must adhere to a reasonable diet and follow the ancient teachings of “hungry before eating” and “hunger before eating” to measure daily intake. And whether the calories consumed are appropriate, especially pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less staple meat for dinner; after about 3 months, these users have achieved satisfactory results.
自从卓康小分子团离子水理疗瓶上市8年多来,经过2.8万多用户的理疗实践,对高(低)血压等心脑血管病,产生很好的医疗效果表明,无论中年人或60岁以上至七八十岁的老年人,经过几个月饮用,能治愈已患了三四十年的高(低)血压,不再服药,症状消除,血压稳定在110-130/70-80的正常水平,脉压差为35-45毫米汞柱的理想值,表明主动脉、大动脉的粥样硬化已消除,血管恢复了弹性;更可喜的是,许多人患了七八年至十多年的冠心病也痊愈了。 ---- Since more than 8 years since the launch of the Zhuo Kang small-molecule ion water physiotherapy bottle, after more than 28,000 users of physical therapy practice, it has produced good medical effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high (low) blood pressure. Middle-aged people or seniors over 60 to 70 or 80 years of age, after drinking for several months, can cure the high (low) blood pressure that has been suffered for 30 to 40 years, no longer take medicine, the symptoms are eliminated, and the blood pressure is stable at 110- The normal level of 130 / 70-80, and the ideal pulse pressure difference is 35-45 mmHg, indicating that the atherosclerosis of the aorta and aorta has been eliminated and the blood vessels have returned to elasticity. More gratifying is that many people have suffered from seven Coronary heart disease has been cured for eight to ten years. A large number of patients with cerebral atherosclerosis have also been cured. Many users have attached test reports to their letters. It can be seen that HDL gradually increased, from about 1 to 1.4, and then to 1.85 to 3.24 mmol / L, reflecting the improvement of biochemical effects in the body after drinking and gradually grasping the arteries. Lipid deposition can remove high (low) blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and cerebral atherosclerotic disease roots, indicating that drinking small molecular water can conquer the high and low blood pressure diseases, and can solve this worldwide problem. 2008-3-29

Zhuokang brand small-molecule ion water bottle is a famous brand in China, a famous brand in China, and a famous brand in China

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