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Drinking high-quality small molecule water for physiotherapy for prostate hyperplasia

Lu Jiang, Honorary Medical Specialist of World Council of Medicine and Health, Excellent Specialist of Chinese Medical Specialty

前列腺是男性特有的一种生殖器官。 ---- The prostate is a reproductive organ unique to men. Prostate disease has increased dramatically after middle age, with 20% of men over 45 years of age suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia, 40% of people over 55 years of age, more than 60% of people over 65 years of age, and more than 80% of people over 80 years of age. According to statistics, most patients are untreated, and patients will experience frequent urination, urgency, urinary incontinence, urinary waiting, endless urination, and difficulty urinating; often manifested as weak or weak urination, intermittent urination, and small urine lines , Nocturia often, or delayed inability to excrete urine, etc. The symptoms are similar to chronic prostatitis, and are prone to premature ejaculation and impotence. Because the exact cause of prostate hyperplasia is not fully understood, there are currently no specific drugs that prolong the disease period, and patients are troubled by this.
喝小分子水对前列腺增生有很好的理疗作用,是用户们针对冠心病、脑动脉粥样硬化、高(低)血压、高血脂、高黏血症取得满意的理疗效果后发现的,其中有众多用户附带反映已消除前列腺增生症。 ---- Drinking small molecule water has a good physiotherapy effect on benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is after users have obtained satisfactory physiotherapy results for coronary heart disease, cerebral atherosclerosis, high (low) blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and hyperviscosity. It was found that many of these users incidentally reflected the elimination of benign prostatic hyperplasia. For example, a letter from Cui Xueyang of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province said: "Now my blood pressure has dropped to 130/80, and I am relaxed and extremely happy. Second, drinking small molecule water has cured prostatitis, and the phenomenon of frequent urination and inability to urinate is gone; the night before 5-6 times a night, now 1-2 times, even on cold nights, I can quickly fall asleep. "The feedback from many users shows that these effects are not accidental, because patients have reduced the quality of drinking small-molecule water. Blood lipids and blood viscosity improved microcirculation before this debilitating organ was gradually repaired. Because most doctors only believe in his medicine, but not the mechanism of drinking small molecule water to treat prostate hyperplasia. Since the hospital was unwilling to make clinical trial observations of this disease, I publicly recruited patients for trials, and achieved good results within a few months. Later, a medical professor of medical school cured coronary heart disease after drinking Zhuokang's small molecule water. Looking at my book, many patients cured benign prostatic hyperplasia. He regretfully told me that he had been cut off because of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Prostate, I hate to meet Zhuokang small molecule water!
山西阳泉市李秀芳信中说:“我老公袁景祥68岁,2001年患前列腺炎久治不愈,从2004年7月使用董校长推荐的卓康小分子团离子水瓶,短短的5个月奇迹出现了。以前每晚小便至少4-5次,自饮用离子水三个月时每晚小便1-2次,治愈了久治不愈的前列腺顽症。他激动万分,逢人便夸'离子水瓶'的神奇功效。常言道:实践是检验真理的唯一标准。只有真正的受益者才能体会到它的好处、它的价值。我们感谢陆江先生,感谢卓康离子水瓶,它是我们全家身体健康的保护神。”阳泉市44岁的宋春亭来信说:“我于2002年患上前列腺炎,经过医治不见疗效,朋友介绍卓康小分子团离子水瓶的功能作用,我买了于2004年3月开始使用,每天喝,三个月后大见疗效,由原来夜尿6次减少到2次,经医生检查后:前列腺炎好了。我们全家高兴,这病没动手术,是神水的作用! ---- Xiufang Li, Yangquan, Shanxi said, "My husband Yuan Jingxiang is 68 years old. He suffered from prostatitis in 2001. He has been cured for a long time. From July 2004, he used the Zhuo Kang small molecular ion water bottle recommended by President Dong. The miracle of the month appeared. Before, I used to urinate at least 4-5 times per night. I urinate 1-2 times per night when drinking ionized water for three months. He cured the chronic prostate disease. He was so excited that he praised the "ionized water bottle" every time. The magical effect of the saying. Practice is the sole criterion for testing the truth. Only the true beneficiaries can appreciate its benefits and its value. We thank Mr. Lu Jiang and Zhuo Kang Ionic Water Bottle, which is healthy for the whole family. "Protect the gods." Song Chunting, 44, said in a letter from Yangquan City: "I contracted prostatitis in 2002. After treatment, there was no effect. A friend introduced the function of Zhuo Kang's small molecular ion water bottle. I bought it in March 2004. Use it, drink it every day, and see the curative effect after three months. It has been reduced from 6 times to 2 times after the nocturia. After the doctor's examination: the prostatitis is good. Our family is happy, this disease has not been operated, it is the role of Shenshui! I hope that friends who are healthy can use small-molecule water bottles as soon as possible to rejuvenate my Chinese nation. "
再如,江苏省江阴市刘学联于2008年4月20日来信说:“我才30岁,患上早搏后非常痛苦,脉搏高达每分钟100多次,吃药效果不好。我从杂志上见有卓康牌小分子水瓶,买了回来。我从2006年11月起饮卓康小分子团水,到2007年初就有了好转,脉搏每分钟85次。2007年9月药全部停掉,脉搏每分钟76次,现在下降到每分钟69次,干活全身不累,夜里睡觉特别香,连以前的风湿病、前列腺炎也好了。真没想到小分子团水这样神奇。”他赠送了锦旗一面,上书:【离子神水,造福人间】。 ---- Again, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Liu Federation on April 20, 2008 wrote: "I was 30 years old, after suffering from premature very painful, pulse up to 100 times per minute, the effect is not good medicine for me. I saw a Zhuo Kang small molecule water bottle from the magazine and bought it back. I started drinking Zhuo Kang small molecule water from November 2006 and it improved in early 2007 with a pulse rate of 85 times per minute. Medicine in September 2007 All stopped, the pulse is 76 times per minute, and now it drops to 69 times per minute. The whole body is not tired. Sleeping at night is particularly fragrant. Even the rheumatism and prostatitis are good. I did not expect such a magical water with small molecules . "He presented a pennant and wrote:" Ionic Shenshui, for the benefit of mankind ". For another example, Zhuhai Deng Wanshe wrote: "I had high total cholesterol, especially triglycerides as high as 3.24. After drinking a small amount of water for a few months, my blood pressure and blood lipids dropped. The four blood lipids were within the normal range. Gusong 4.78, 0.74 triglycerides, and getting better and better. In addition, my original prostate was enlarged. At the end of last year, the prostate was not large and did not occupy a place. This shows that the prostate hypertrophy disappeared. Li Xiaoyi, Lintong County, Gansu Province, 2006 The letter of December 4th said: "I have bought Zhuokang ion water bottle and drank small molecular water for one year. The symptoms of urgency, frequent urination, and impure urination have disappeared. I urinate 1 or 2 times at night, and I will go outside again I am not in a hurry to find a public toilet. The original high blood lipids and cholesterol were normal, and the symptoms of insomnia, fatigue, and soreness were also eliminated. Now I am tired from climbing the mountain for two hours every morning, and my meal is fragrant. Meet old friends They all say that I am mentally and young. "
喝优质小分子水对前列腺增生、慢性前列腺炎,为何有良好的理疗效果? ---- Drinking high-quality small-molecule water has good physical therapy effects on benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic prostatitis? Because high-quality small-molecule water is "dispersed" water, it has strong permeability to cell membranes, easily enters cells and moisturizes cells, so as to repair human glands and skin. When people drink high-quality small-molecule water, under reasonable dietary conditions, the biochemical effects in the body improve, high-density lipoprotein rises, and the lipid deposition in the arteries is continuously grasped, and atherosclerosis can be gradually reversed to eliminate, and blood vessels Getting cleaner makes blood volume and blood flow increase. In addition, due to increased lipase activity in the body, fast decomposition of blood lipids and good blood lipid reduction; and because of the high dispersibility of high-quality small-molecular water, the red blood cells that are aggregated are dispersed after being absorbed into the blood vessels, the blood viscosity is reduced, and the stiffness of the new red blood cells after drinking is stiff Small, red blood cell deformability increases, blood obstruction in small arteries and capillaries is eliminated, resulting in better microcirculation. This happens in the prostate, which can eliminate chronic prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. (咨询电话:0771-2233213) (Consultation Tel: 0771-2233213)


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