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Drink high quality small molecule water to eliminate inflammation and repair weak organs

Lu Jiang, Honorary Medical Specialist of World Council of Medicine and Health, Excellent Specialist of Chinese Medical Specialty

十年来, 我屡屡收到用户来信, 反映饮用卓康优质小分子水后, 除了治愈冠心病和脑动脉粥样硬化、高(低)血压、高血脂和高黏血症以外,还使他们缠身很多年的炎症不药而愈,包括鼻炎,喉喉炎、气管炎、支气管炎、胃炎、肠炎、胆囊炎和湿疹皮炎等炎症。 ---- In the past ten years, I have repeatedly received letters from users, reflecting that after drinking Zhuokang's high-quality small-molecule water, in addition to curing coronary heart disease and cerebral atherosclerosis, high (low) blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and hyperviscosity, It has also caused them to get rid of inflammation for many years, including rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchitis, gastritis, enteritis, cholecystitis and eczema and dermatitis. The reason is that after drinking high-quality small-molecule water, the blood lipid and blood viscosity are reduced, and the microcirculation is improved, so that the human body can repair weak organs. For example, the letter from Ma Hemuti Yiming, a cadre of the Radio and Television Bureau of Hetian District, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said on April 1, 2008: "My subordinates recommend me to drink Zhuokang small molecular water. I started drinking it in March 2007 and pay attention to diet. After drinking for 3 months, something unexpected happened. I spent nearly ten thousand yuan to cure pharyngitis. Now people feel relaxed and the whole family is happy for it. I sincerely thank Mr. Lu for inventing such a good small molecule water physiotherapy bottle."
又如河南省孟津县委退休干部梅民峰于2006年8月前后多次来信说:“近几年来气管、支气管常年发炎,咳嗽,吐痰不断,用药无数,吃一段药好几天,严重时还需输液,但也只能好二三十天,过后仍然咳嗽吐痰,口袋里经常装着西瓜霜、甘草片,口含以减轻痛苦。我亍2006年6月12日购买了卓康离子水瓶,每天坚持喝2000亳升,没想到短短五十多天奇迹出现了,不咳嗽、不吐痰,也不用吃药了,口袋里不再装西瓜霜片、甘草片,我多年的气管炎、支气管炎好了。真可谓疗效神奇,连药物都不易根治的病,饮用优质小分子水治好了,小分子水真神!神!神!我感谢您发明了如此神奇的产品。”我从他的反映,领悟到他的微循环改善了,免疫力提高。 ---- Another example is Mei Minfeng, a retired cadre of the Mengjin County Party Committee of Henan Province, who wrote several times around August 2006, saying, "In recent years, the trachea and bronchi have been inflamed all the year round, coughing and spitting are constantly occurring, numerous medications have been taken, and several pills have been taken. Days, infusion is needed in severe cases, but it only lasts for 20 or 30 days. After that, I still cough and spit, and I often have watermelon cream and licorice tablets in my pockets to relieve pain. I bought it on June 12, 2006. Zhuokang ion water bottle, insisted on drinking 2,000 liters a day, I did not expect that in just over 50 days, a miracle occurred, no cough, no spitting, no medicine, no more watermelon cream tablets, licorice tablets in my pocket, I Many years of bronchitis and bronchitis are good. It can be described as a magical effect, a disease that is not easy to cure with drugs. Drinking high-quality small molecule water is cured, small molecule water is really god! God! God! I thank you for inventing such amazing products "I learned from his reflection that his microcirculation has improved and his immunity has improved. After the person improves the microcirculation, the villi on the inner wall of the trachea and bronchi return to normal. People can eliminate bacteria in the air by using the fluff on the inner wall of the trachea, so no sputum and no coughing. It turned out that he was suffering from hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, poor microcirculation, and abnormal villi on the inner wall of the trachea. When the bacteria in the air were attached, the immune cells and bacteria in the body were all gone. This is the same reason for wound suppuration. When a person's immunity is reduced after being exposed to cold, the villi on the inner wall of the trachea become abnormal, and they will cough, sputum, or even catch a cold. The general doctor only knows to use watermelon frost, licorice tablets and antibiotics to deal with, so the general cure is not good for his illness. The patient did not understand the above-mentioned mechanism of treatment, and could only praise the small molecule water god!
江苏张家港市黄松年除反映原来偏低的血压100/70已升高至120/80以外, 还说:“原先大腿上部内侧皮肤病很重, 每晚总得用双手擦痒, 弄破皮肤, 血染内裤, 我服用离子水三个月后病状消失, 光滑如初。” 甘肃酒泉市朱培德来信说: “喝水到三个月时, 治好了我从小到今的烂脚丫病, 症状是: 满脚开口、起皮、起泡、发痒、发臭, 每天洗脚时从脚上抠下一大层白糊状。以上病情我们多年到处求医问药均成效不佳。没想到喝了小分子离子水三个月喝出了健康, 以上病症均彻底痊愈了, 我们非常感谢你发明的'神奇的水瓶'。” ---- In addition to reflecting the original low blood pressure of 100/70, which has risen to 120/80, Huang Songnian of Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu said: "Originally, the upper inner thigh had a severe skin disease. My skin, blood-stained panties, and my symptoms disappeared after taking three months of ionized water, smooth as before. "Zhu Peide, Jiuquan City, Gansu, wrote:" When I drank water for three months, I cured my rotten foot disease, Symptoms are: full feet opening, peeling, blistering, itching, stinking, plucking a large layer of white paste from the feet every day when washing the feet. The above conditions have been ineffective for many years to seek medical advice. No Thinking of drinking small molecule ionized water for three months and drinking healthy, all the above symptoms are completely cured, and we are very grateful for the "magic water bottle" that you invented. "
比如,四川省南充市李昌福于2006年9月24日来信说:“我83岁,多年从事教育,是老病患者,肠套结、胃溃疡、胆结石、动了三次大手术,痔疮多次住院,以至身体虚弱,时常感冒,咳嗽、气管炎也随之而来,背心凉,手足冷,血压150/80,久病积重难返。自从饮用卓康小分子水一个月后,血压在120/80,现在血压稳定正常,睡眠好,背心手足凉有所缓解,便秘吃点蜂糖果导很好排出,粪比较松软。感冒一直未发生过,气管炎、咳嗽也好了。这种神奇之水,我当坚持饮用。”? 再如,四川省南充市崔学阳于2005年11日12日和2006年3月21日先后来信:“原来血压160/95,饮用后现在血压降至130/80,一身轻松,快乐无比。二是喝小分子水治好了前列腺炎,尿频尿急、尿不出的现象没有了;以前晚上起夜5-6次,现在为1-2次,即使是寒冷之夜,已能很快安眠。我是信' ---- For example, Li Changfu, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, wrote on September 24, 2006, "I am 83 years old and have been engaged in education for many years. I am an old patient with bowel intussusception, gastric ulcer, gallstones, and three major operations. Hemorrhoids have been hospitalized for many times, and their bodies are weak. They often have colds, cough and bronchitis. The vests are cold, the hands and feet are cold, the blood pressure is 150/80, and the chronic illness is difficult to return. Since drinking Zhuokang small molecule water for one month, the blood pressure At 120/80, blood pressure is stable and normal now, sleep is good, vests, hands, feet and cold are relieved, constipation and bee candy can be discharged well, and feces are relatively soft. Colds have never occurred, and bronchitis and cough are also good. This kind of Amazing water, I should stick to drinking it. ”For another example, Cui Xueyang of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province wrote on November 12, 2005 and March 21, 2006:“ Originally the blood pressure was 160/95. After drinking, the blood pressure is now 130. / 80, relaxed and extremely happy. Second, drinking small molecule water cured prostatitis, the phenomenon of frequent urination, urgency, and inability to urinate no longer; used to be 5-6 times at night, now it is 1-2 times, even if It's a cold night and I can sleep quickly. I believe The medicine has three points of poison, and drinking only the small molecule water made by the ion water bottle you invented is healthy. Your contribution is a blessing to the patients. Praise the invention and small-molecule water: "Who does not live in the gate of the longevity palace, and suffers from illness and disease; the panacea is hard to find, and the longevity fairy is not available; Lu Gong invents Hui Zhaomin, and Zhuokang's product is famous in China. , Shou Zhen is a hundred years old and never worry. " (See tourys.cn for details)
People who drink high-quality small-molecule water must have a reasonable diet, use the "hungry recipe" to adjust the meat intake of staple foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and prevent excessive calorie intake, which can reverse and eliminate atherosclerosis and cure hyperlipidemia And hyperviscosity, and improve microcirculation, it can quickly eliminate inflammation, repair diseased and weak organs, and make people live longer and healthily.
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