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Utility model patent number: ZL 2009 2 0140978.2 Chinese invention patent number: 95120925.6 Scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate: No. (94) Gui Yao Ke Jian Zi No. 09

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科技成果鉴定证书封面 ---北京和广西医学专家鉴定意见+ ++------------------ (点小字见大字) --Cover of Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal Certificate Cover --- Beijing and Guangxi Medical Expert Appraisal Opinions + ++ ------------------

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本品简称"水瓶"、"水杯",这里有两种物质,一是"水",指该品处理出的优质小分子团水,二是"瓶"或"杯"。 --- This product is referred to as "water bottle" and "water cup". There are two kinds of substances here. One is "water", which refers to the high-quality small molecule water processed by the product, and the other is "bottle" or "cup". Because the latter only plays an auxiliary role of the appliance, what really works is high-quality small molecule water, but it is not a medicine, but water in a special physical state. If you continue to register according to medical device registration or medicine, it is impossible to rely on government agencies' advertisements to approve words that have "good health care for ...", or "curative" and "real cure" . Since it is only possible to write " assistance in health care " , it is far worse than the actual effect reflected in 13 years of practice . Because practice is the sole criterion for testing truth . Therefore , this product is no longer registered as a medical device, to avoid giving people a handle. This product has been in the market for 13 years, and has been promising promises to consumers, and follow-up investigations have fully proven that drinking this high-quality small molecule water can truly cure coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Please understand and purchasers read the [User Feedback] and other columns on this website. 南宁卓康医疗器械有限责任公司 2013-10-15 ---------------------------------------- Nanning Zhuokang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 2013- 10-15

-- (一) - Public --- Notice-(1) -

由于本公司该产品曾于1994--1994年经三家省级医院做临床试用,仅仅4个月,经北京和广西医学专家鉴定,认为“降脂降压效果好”,“ 能扩大心脑动脉流量,改善心脑电图以及微循环”,“对治疗心脑动脉粥样硬化、高血压、高血脂有良好的医疗保健作用。”之后,我公司对用户高度负责,一直对上述病症,通过《信誉卡》和《质量跟踪调查书》向用户承诺疗效,请用户使用6个月后反馈情况,以知其远期效果。 ---- Because the product was clinically tested by three provincial hospitals from 1994 to 1994, it was only 4 months, and after being identified by medical experts in Beijing and Guangxi, it was considered that "the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood pressure is good", "can Expanding the flow of cardio-cerebral arteries, improving the electrocardiogram and microcirculation "," has a good medical effect on the treatment of cardio-cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia. "Since then, our company is highly responsible to users and has been The above symptoms are promised to users through "Credit Card" and "Quality Tracking Survey", and users are requested to report the situation after 6 months of use to know their long-term effects. At the same time, our company also observes and studies the actual effect of users. 13年来,经过跟踪观察,充分表明本品的有效性和安全性有足够保障。 ----------------- In the past 13 years, after follow-up observations, it has been shown that the effectiveness and safety of this product are adequately guaranteed. A large number of patients with hypertension improved their biochemical effects during drinking for 3 to 6 months. Many users did biochemical tests, and the HDL increased from about 1 to 1.8 to 3.8. After drinking for 2 to 5 months, the blood pressure gradually decreases, the symptoms are eliminated, the medication is stopped, the blood pressure is normal, and the pulse pressure difference is maintained at about 40 mm Hg. After 3 to 5 months of drinking, patients with coronary heart disease reduced their symptoms such as atrial face and angina pectoris. The electrocardiogram was normal for about 1 year after drinking, and there was no obvious stenosis on coronary angiography scans, indicating that coronary heart disease was cured. Many debilitating organ diseases are cured, such as curing type 2 diabetes within 3-10 months without taking medicines; and curing prostate diseases. ----------------- -- 特此公告----------------------------------------------南宁卓康医疗器械有限责任公司2013-8-17 ----------- ----------------- --Here is the announcement ------------------ ---------------------------- Nanning Zhuokang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. 2013-8-17

公告(二) ------------------- Announcement (2)
按本公司将联合国家级领军的医学研究机构和医科大学,继续研究,并再次做延长观察期的临床试用,观察期至冠心病和糖尿、前列腺増生等完全痊愈。 ---- According to the company's leading medical research institutions and medical universities at the United Nations level, continue to conduct research and conduct clinical trials to extend the observation period again. The observation period is until the complete recovery of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and prostate growth. At present, as long as the compatriots across the country recognize that the feedback from the company's customers over the past 13 years is true, it means that drinking this tiny molecular mass of water has always cured high (low) blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes, and it is a reliable good product. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.
本公司的该品当前是世界上独有的,我国某些同胞如不认知其宝贵的医疗作用,患“高血压、冠心病和糖尿病” 之后,绝大多数人肯定还要被戴上“终身服药” 的枷锁。 --- The company's product is currently unique in the world. If some of our countrymen do not recognize its valuable medical role, after suffering from "hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes" , most people will definitely be affected. Put on the yoke of "Lifetime Medicine" . Coronary heart disease patients still have coronary heart disease patients after doing scaffolding or by-passing. It still costs 60-100 yuan to take medicine every day; because of clinical strangulation again, many siblings suffering from "three high four disease" nationwide will still be subject to "lifelong medication" The flickering medical model hides contradictions in the body. Therefore, let the prophets use it first, not to cause a big shock.
由于13年来饮用微小分子团水率先攻克高血压、冠心病和糖尿病已是既成事实,将会不断造福全国同胞,并广为传播。 --- Because it is a fait accompli to take the lead in drinking micromolecular water to overcome hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes for 13 years, it will continue to benefit our country's compatriots and spread it widely. In order to allow many industries, such as shops selling water machines, to sell this product, our company decided not to register it as a medical device. The efficacy of this product after drinking water is currently unique in the world. 特此公告------------------------- - --This announcement --------------------------

2013-9-19 Nanning Zhuokang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. - 2013-9-19

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