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Drink high-quality small molecule water to get out of the hypotension
■ Lu Jiang, Senior Engineer

高血压是中老年人的常见病、多发病,当前我国患者1.6亿,在13亿人中占12.3%,在9.5亿成年人中占16.8%,在50岁以上的6亿中老年人中占26.7%,但患病知晓率约一半。 ---- Hypertension is a common and frequently-occurring disease in the elderly. At present, there are 160 million patients in China, 12.3% of 1.3 billion people, 16.8% of 950 million adults, and 600 million people over 50 years old. The elderly account for 26.7%, but the disease awareness rate is about half. After people develop high blood pressure, they take antihypertensive drugs to control their blood pressure. The doctor also ordered to eat less salt and have a lighter taste, eat less fatty foods such as fatty meat and squid, and pay attention to exercise. However, after a few years, the original medication could not control the blood pressure. The doctor had to adjust the medication to keep the blood pressure within the normal value and instructed to take the medication for life. Many doctors caution patients that high blood pressure is a lifelong illness. The vast majority of patients rely on antihypertensive drugs without investigating whether the root cause of hypertension is atherosclerosis and whether it can be reversed to eliminate it. Many patients are comfortable with antihypertensive pressure, thinking that they have a family history of hypertension, and mistakenly think that it will be like this when they get older. Moreover, doctors say that human sclerosis is inevitable, and there is currently no medicine to eliminate atherosclerosis. So people were content to wait in this hypotension of blood pressure, did not realize that hypertension would develop into cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, even the doctors themselves, about 6 adults died of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.
当我1990年50岁时发现自己患高血压后,医生让服药,但我担心降压药不能治愈动脉硬化,会像我伯父和姑母一样,五十岁刚出头就患中风而不治。 ---- When I discovered that I had high blood pressure when I was 50 years old in 1990, the doctor gave me medicine, but I was worried that antihypertensive drugs would not cure arteriosclerosis. Like my uncle and aunt, I would suffer a stroke from the early age of 50. Die. Therefore, I am afraid of taking antihypertensive drugs, and I dream that it can cure hypertension. So I searched the results of basic medical research and found that the high density lipoprotein in the blood of mammals fed with small molecular water can reduce and avoid atherosclerosis. I made home-made appliances. After physical testing and optimization, I treated ordinary natural water into high-quality small-molecule water for drinking for 2 to 4 months. After curing the hypertension of myself and my mother-in-law and the hypotension of my wife, I made 15 homemade dishes. The appliances are used for drinking by the director of the Nanning Science and Technology Commission and the municipal health director, and they have all achieved good results. So my friend introduced me to develop products with a factory.
The developed products have been clinically tested in 3 provincial hospitals in Guangxi for 2 to 4 months, and have achieved good medical results for cardiocerebral atherosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperviscosity. After being appraised by medical experts in Beijing and Guangxi in August 1994, the government approved the registration of the medical device as a quasi-brand medical device. Because there are 4.37 million doctors in China, the profession of doctors is respected. Doctors say that hypertension should be taken for life. The history of antihypertensive drugs is too long. People and doctors ca n’t believe that drinking high-quality small molecule water can cure hypertension and coronary heart disease. As a result, product marketing costs are high, making it impossible for development companies to recover their investment. Until the beginning of 2000, I retired to run a medical device research institute and company, re-developed lighter and more suitable type 2 products, and wrote newsletters and published hundreds of popular science articles on dozens of important newspapers nationwide to explain their governance. The pathogenic mechanism has led to an increasing number of people who know and purchase Zhuo Kang small molecular ion water bottles.
该品上市8年多来,已经过2.9万多用户的理疗实践,对心脑血管病产生很好的医疗效果表明,无论中年人或60岁以上至七八十岁的老年人,经过几个月饮用,能治愈已患了三四十年的高(低)血压,不再服药,症状消除,血压稳定在110-130/70-80的正常水平,脉压差为35-45毫米汞柱的理想值,表明主动脉、大动脉的粥样硬化已消除,血管恢复了弹性;更可喜的是,许多人患了七八年至十多年的冠心病也痊愈了。 ---- Since this product has been on the market for more than 8 years, it has passed the physiotherapy practice of more than 29,000 users, which has produced good medical effects on cardio-cerebral vascular disease. It shows that whether it is middle-aged people or seniors aged 60 to 70 or 80 People, after drinking for several months, can cure the high (low) blood pressure that has been suffered for 30 to 40 years, no longer take medicine, the symptoms disappear, the blood pressure is stable at the normal level of 110-130 / 70-80, and the pulse pressure difference is 35 The ideal value of -45 mm Hg indicates that the atherosclerosis of the aorta and the aorta has been eliminated and the blood vessels have recovered elasticity. What is more gratifying is that many people have recovered from coronary heart disease for seven or eight to ten years. A large number of patients with cerebral atherosclerosis have also been cured. Many users have attached test reports in their letters. It can be seen that high density lipoprotein gradually increased, from about 1 to 1.4, and then to 1.85 to 3.24 mmol / L, which reflects the improvement of biochemical effects in the body after drinking and gradually grabbed it. Arterial lipid deposition, high (low) blood pressure and coronary heart disease and cerebral atherosclerosis can remove the root cause, which means that the cardio-cerebral blood vessels can be cleared by it, and it also shows that for high (low) blood pressure and coronary heart disease such as coronary heart disease, There is scientific evidence for healing through physical therapy. Many users wrote that after drinking, they also cured hyperlipidemia and hyperviscosity, and even cured prostate hyperplasia and type 2 diabetes in many people, making up for the lack of medication. Many people report that after drinking, it lowers blood fat and blood viscosity, improves microcirculation, repairs weakened organs, and cures many years of chronic illness. (See tourys.cn for details)
我从办研究所至今已十年多,卓康牌小分子团离子水理疗瓶一直坚持执行《产品信誉卡》制度,对用户承诺疗效,已使消费者走出患高血压必须终生服药的误区,用户治愈了高血压,打破了高血压是终身疾病的神话。 ---- It has been more than ten years since I set up the research institute. Zhuokang brand small-molecule ion water therapy bottle has always adhered to the "Product Credit Card" system and promised curative effects to users. It has made consumers out of high blood pressure for life. The misunderstanding of taking medicines, the user cured the hypertension and broke the myth that hypertension is a lifelong disease. Drinking high-quality small-molecule water to treat high blood pressure has a high cure rate, and the return rate is less than 1 ‰, because I and the distributor of this product pay attention to care of the user to correct the bad habits that affect the efficacy. After purchasing, patients will change their original lifestyle of eating more and moving less. Adjusting the amount of meat in the staple food with "hunger before eating", so that the daily calories and consumption are basically balanced, and a reasonable diet is made to make the body better. Biochemical action can increase its high-density lipoprotein and gradually reduce it to eliminate atherosclerosis, thereby eradicating high blood pressure and getting out of the misunderstanding of drug hypotension.

Zhuo Kang brand small molecule group ion water physiotherapy bottle is a famous Chinese brand, a famous Chinese product, a famous and special brand of Chinese consumer satisfaction. Price: 1380 yuan / set

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