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Good news for coronary heart disease patients drinking high-quality small molecule water
? 陆江 Honorary Medical Specialist of the World Council of Medicine and Health, Outstanding Specialist of Chinese Medical Specialty ? Lu Jiang

冠心病是凶恶的杀手,可能发生在血压、血脂正常者身上。 ---- Coronary heart disease is a vicious killer, which may occur in people with normal blood pressure and blood lipids. When an atherosclerotic plaque falls off, or when the red blood cells of a person with high blood viscosity gather into emboli, the blood flows to the coronary veins of the heart, and the myocardial jade is formed, and the stroke to the cerebral artery becomes a stroke (stroke ). In the past ten years, a large number of coronary heart patients have purchased Zhuo Kang products and have obtained good results after drinking high-quality small molecule water. Many users only drink for three or four months, and write letters to reflect that chest tightness and heartache have gradually reduced and disappeared. Premature beat was gone; six months to one year later, the electrocardiogram, blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood viscosity were normal. Coronary heart disease was cured, and good news kept coming.
如2004年5月24日云南西双版纳李琼来信说:“我现在68岁,94年得高血压病,96年得冠心病,99年又得脑动脉硬化,患脑梗塞,几年来头痛头晕胸闷是常事。95至96两年连续隹院,出院后病又复发。我于2003年1月底购得贵公司卓康产品后,我喝了二个月就停服降压药,血压一直平稳,由原来180/100降军130/85,现在饮用一年多了,身体更好,心悸胸闷头昏等症状已消失。经医院检查心电图正常,血三脂正常。感谢陆江的发明和贵公司的好产品!” ---- For example, Li Qiong, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, wrote a letter on May 24, 2004: "I am now 68 years old, had hypertension in 1994, coronary heart disease in 1996, and cerebral arteriosclerosis in 1999, suffered from cerebral infarction. Headache, dizziness, and chest tightness have been common for years. From 95 to 96 years of continuous hospital discharge, the disease relapsed after discharge. After I purchased your company's Zhuokang product at the end of January 2003, I stopped taking antihypertensive drugs after drinking for two months. The blood pressure has been stable, from 180/100 to 130/85. Now I have been drinking for more than a year, my body is better, my heart palpitations, chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms have disappeared. The electrocardiogram was normal after the hospital examination, and my blood lipids were normal. Thank Lu Jiang for Invent and your company's good product! "
又如,河南驻马店市干部侯思中于2008年11月26日来信说:“我于1998年前就患有高血压、冠心病,1999年心肌严重缺血,动脉堵塞85%,心绞痛发作频繁,被迫做心脏介入支架术,两个月后又因支架两端血管堵塞,心绞疼反复发作,又被迫做血管球囊扩张术,两次费用共达8.6万多元。之后几年,每年住院少则也有三四次。病情的折磨使我多次产生轻生念头,使我丧失了存活的信心!1999年入院后至饮用卓康小分子水之前,我的血压居200/90~110mmHg,血黏经血流变检查,15项就有12项都偏高;血脂总胆固醇6.8-7.0,甘油三脂2.9,低密度脂蛋白3.94,高密度脂蛋白0.85-0.89。前列腺增生肥大46×58×30mm,特别是从十几岁至今,我患有严重的支气管炎。我从2007年3月买了两套卓康小分子离子水杯,坚持使用,保证每天喝够水量。结果现在奇迹出现了,在医院检查各项指 ---- For another example, a letter from Hou Sizhong, a cadre in Zhumadian, Henan, on November 26, 2008, said: "I had hypertension, coronary heart disease before 1998, severe myocardial ischemia in 1999, arterial blockage of 85%, and angina pectoris. Frequent seizures, forced to undergo cardiac interventional stent surgery, two months later, because of vascular blockage at both ends of the stent, angina pectoris repeated, and forced vascular balloon dilation, the cost of which totaled more than 86,000 yuan. In the past few years, there have been as few as three or four hospitalizations per year. The torture of the disease has made me think of suicide many times, and I have lost my confidence in survival! After admission in 1999 and before drinking Zhuokang small molecule water, my blood pressure was 200 / 90 ~ 110mmHg, blood viscosity and hemorheological examination, 12 of 15 items are high; total blood lipid cholesterol 6.8-7.0, triglyceride 2.9, low density lipoprotein 3.94, high density lipoprotein 0.85-0.89. Prostatic hyperplasia Hypertrophy 46 × 58 × 30mm, especially since I was a teenager, I have severe bronchitis. I bought two sets of Zhuokang small molecular ion water cups from March 2007, and insisted on using them to ensure that I drink enough water every day. Results Now a miracle occurs, check the fingers at the hospital All made me optimistic, the blood pressure was stable at the ideal blood pressure of 120/80, the electrocardiogram was normal, the angina was completely cured, and no more pain, the hemorheology tests were completely normal, the total cholesterol was around 3.31, and the triglyceride was about 0.52. Low-density lipoprotein 1.36-1.48, high-density lipoprotein rose to between 3.2-3.8, and the prostate shrank by 2/3. Bronchitis that has afflicted me for many years has been cured without medicine ... Now I am disease-free, and the younger I am, the younger I am. Everyone says that I feel like I've changed my personal. Mr. Lu, thousands of words can hardly express my gratitude to you, you have saved my life, and I have another two springs in my life! I want Repay your life-saving grace! "
再如2010年10月13日沈阳肖魁南来信说:“我69岁,我爱人李秀荣65岁,我们老俩口从今年3月16日饮用该小分子团水,至今半年多了取得显著疗效:一、治愈了我们的高血压,我饮用三个月时血压降至理想范围,130/85~80,到四个月时停药,血压一直保持平稳;我爱人到笫5个月停药,血压在135~130/85~80,现在也一直稳定。二、治疗冠心病效果显著,我爱人于2009年7月和今年1月因冠心病心绞痛和脑供血不足住了二次院,确诊为不稳定型心绞痛。医生动员做支架,否则特别容易发生心梗,因经济条件限制没做支架。出院后围绕心绞痛每天吃六七种药,但效果不明显,平均五六天犯一次,一疼就是好几分钟,有时硝酸甘油和消心痛含四五片才缓过来,我和孩子每天都提心吊胆的。但自从喝了卓康小分子团水以后,近几个月明显好转,心绞痛很少有犯的时 ---- Another example is a letter from Xiao Kuanan of Shenyang on October 13, 2010, saying: "I am 69 years old and my lover Li Xiurong is 65 years old. Our two old people have been drinking this small molecule cluster water from March 16 this year. Significant effects: First, cured our high blood pressure, my blood pressure dropped to the ideal range when I drank three months, 130/85 ~ 80, and the drug was stopped at four months, the blood pressure remained stable; I loved my wife for 5 months Withdrawal, the blood pressure was 135 ~ 130/85 ~ 80, and it has been stable now. Second, the effect of treating coronary heart disease is remarkable. My lover lived in the second hospital in July 2009 and January this year due to coronary heart disease angina pectoris and insufficient blood supply to the brain. He was diagnosed with unstable angina pectoris. The doctor mobilized the stent, otherwise it was particularly prone to myocardial infarction, and he did not make the stent because of economic constraints. After discharge, he took six or seven drugs a day around angina, but the effect was not obvious, and he committed it once every five or six days. It hurts for a few minutes. Sometimes nitroglycerin and analgesic can only be relieved by containing four or five tablets. My child and I are very distressed every day. But after drinking the small molecule water of Zhuokang, it has improved significantly in recent months. When you rarely commit In the past six months, I only committed 3 times, and each time it hurts for 1 minute. The aisle is also normal, and some housework can be done, which was absolutely impossible in the past. I went to the hospital for a checkup recently, and the ECG showed There is no myocardial ischemia, and the performance is generally normal. The medicine for treating coronary heart disease has been significantly reduced. Through the above practices, I deeply feel that Zhuokang small molecule water is the highest quality small molecule water in the world today, and it is the water that can really cure diseases , You are a real practical scientist. "(See: tourys.cn )
我看信后为老俩口感到欣慰,也为更多的经济拮据的家庭感到庆幸,他们从此例可受启发;因为很多家庭拿不出七八万元做心外科手术,忧愁间一个鲜活的生命可能逝去。 ---- After reading the letter, I am very happy for the old couple and fortunately for more families with financial difficulties. They can be inspired from this example; because many families ca n’t afford 70,000 or 80,000 yuan for cardiac surgery, they are sad. A living life may pass. But I advocate that patients should respect the doctor's advice. Cardiac surgery is a symptomatic treatment for the most narrow and most dangerous section of the coronary artery. If the patient does not follow the doctor's advice, the patient is at risk of death at any time. However, both the physician and the patient should realize that cardiac surgery is only an expedient to save lives. It cannot reverse and eliminate coronary atherosclerosis outside the surgical part. Therefore, some patients have chest tightness, heartache, and even recurrence after surgery. The operation cannot be restored to a healthy heart, and the quality of life and quality of life of patients may be poor. If you drink high-quality small molecule water after cardiac surgery and pay attention to a reasonable diet, you can improve human biochemical effects, increase blood high-density lipoprotein, gradually reverse and eliminate atherosclerosis, and give people healthy arteries and heart!
十年来,很多冠心病人饮用优质小分子水后,反映疗效卓越,佳音喜讯频传。 ---- In the past ten years, many patients with coronary heart disease have reported excellent curative effect after drinking high-quality small molecule water.
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