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“吃八分饱” 催生罗阳悲情 ----------------------- "Eat Eight Full" gave birth to Luoyang's sadness
世界医药卫生理事会荣誉医学专家?高级工程师??----------------------------------- Honorary Medical Expert of the World Council on Medicine and Health ? Senior Engineer ? Lu Jiang
“吃八分饱” 是我国某健康教育专家在三本书中倡导的,书中说: “七八分饱什么指标呢?很简单,你吃饭吃到还能吃,还想再吃时,你可别吃了,赶紧离开饭桌,这就是七八分饱。”后来,中央电视台2频道主持人陈蓓蓓等在节目中考问听众:“人应当吃几分饱?”,台下众说纷纭,她说:“人应当吃八分饱”。 ---- "Eat and Full" is advocated by a health education expert in three books in the book, which states: "What is the indicator of full and full? It's very simple. You can still eat if you eat. When you eat again, do n’t eat, and leave the dining table quickly, this is seven or eight full. "Later, CCTV Channel 2 host Chen Beibei and other audiences asked the audience on the show:" How full should a person be? " There are divergent opinions, and she said: "A man should be full." As a result, "Eat Full" for almost 12 years has become a household name. People in China have basically satisfied their appetite, and many have reduced their food intake a little, which is good for their health. However, "Eat Full" is difficult to grasp. Because there is no concept of the balance of human calorie supply and demand in this measure, it is an unscientific rule. Many people do not know that rice and meat are high-calorie foods. They always think that eating a bowl of rice at each meal is not much, and they will not be aware of it until the next meal. Hunger, so that the amount of calories provided by food exceeds the daily supply, and blood glucose and lipids will increase after a long time. Because starch is converted into sugar in the body, and then synthesized into cholesterol or triglyceride by the liver and small intestine, eating a bowl of rice at a meal, people who do not know how to be hungry before meals will also increase blood lipids and blood sugar. Intra-arterial deposition leads to hypertension and coronary heart disease; islet weakness gradually causes diabetes. There are about 300 million people with three high four diseases in China. Our country should seriously discuss what kind of reasonable diet should be taken, otherwise hundreds of millions of middle-aged people in our country will be the reserve army who will continue to suffer from the three high and four diseases.
2012年11月25日,随中国首艘航母“辽宁舰”参与舰载机起降训练的罗阳,在大连执行任务时突发急性心肌梗死,经抢救无效过世,终年51岁。 ---- On November 25, 2012, Luo Yang, who participated in the carrier-based aircraft take-off and landing training with China ’s first aircraft carrier “Liaoning Ship”, suddenly suffered an acute myocardial infarction while performing a mission in Dalian, and died after rescue. He was 51 years old. The "Hero of the Air Country" is an outstanding expert in aircraft design. The cause of hidden coronary heart disease is the difficulty in controlling the "satisfaction", which caused his early death to be sad. There are many such examples. In China, many middle-aged and elderly people die of myocardial infarction or stroke every year. The cause of illness is that they usually do not know how to control their food intake. More often atherosclerosis occurs more quickly. How much staple food should one eat?
孔子在论语中说“食无求饱”。 ---- Confucius said in the Analects, "There is no food to eat." In ancient China, many medical practitioners and health care practitioners advocated "hunger before eating" and "hungry before eating." This is consistent with the American contemporary nutrition expert Frye's "Eating Charter": People should eat when they have an appetite, and do not eat without being hungry. They all point out that body language should be hunger before eating, which is the point of heat balance in the body. If there is no hunger before meals, it means that the body does not have ischemic lipid and blood sugar, and the staple food should be reduced.

我14年来一直在倡导人们饮用优质小分子团水防治三高四病。 ---- I have been advocating for people to drink high-quality small molecule water for the prevention and treatment of three high and four diseases for 14 years. Because these diseases are caused by eating more staple foods, blood lipids, blood lipids and blood sugar are high, cell tissue fluids and intracellular glucose and lipids are high, and the source of the disease must be curbed if it is to be truly cured. Therefore, I encourage people to use "hungry recipes" to adjust the amount of meat in staple foods, in order to prevent users from eating too much heat and causing excess calories. It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables, but when drinking high-quality small molecule water, the body Improved biochemical effects, blood high-density lipoprotein increased to 1.8 to 3.8, which gradually reversed to eliminate atherosclerosis. Hypertensive patients drink for 2-5 months, and gradually reduce the drug to withdrawal, normal blood pressure, true cure of high blood pressure Blood pressure; drinking for 3-5 months in patients with coronary heart disease can eliminate symptoms such as heartache, chest tightness, premature beats, atrial fibrillation, and angina pectoris. ECG is normal for about one year. Coronary angiography scans show that the coronary arteries are clean and cure coronary heart disease. People with diabetes drink After 6-10 months, the blood sugar and urine sugar were normal after stopping the medicine, and type 2 diabetes was cured. They have all abandoned the "Eat Full" control method, switched to "Hungry Recipe" control, and reduced their food intake. For example, Professor Zhang Pengtu, 87, the former director of Mudanjiang Medical College, reduced the daily staple food from 4 to 32 after drinking high-quality small-molecule water, and ate more fruits and vegetables. After more than three months of high blood pressure, the crown was cured within one year. Heart disease. Don't underestimate eating one or two meters a day, 50 grams of rice contains 19 grams of oil, which is equivalent to 570 grams of oil injected into the body every month. (See tourys.cn or gxtourys.cn for details)

一个国家人民的合理膳食法则,关系到整个民族的健康水平和人均寿命。 ---- The law of reasonable diet of the people of a country is related to the health level and life expectancy of the entire nation. "Eat eight full" is unscientific. In practice, many people suffer from three high and four diseases. "Hungry recipes, not full first" should be used to adjust the amount of staple food and meat, so as not to continue to give birth to premature death like Luo Yang Sadness. (Telephone: 13768308380)

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