Chinese invention patent number: 95120925.6 Utility model patent number: ZL 2009 2 0140978.2 Appraisal certificate of scientific and technological achievements: No. (94) Gui Yao Ke Jian Zi No. 09
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细胞膜通道与优质小分子团水的金玉良缘 -------------------- The golden edge of cell membrane channels and high-quality small molecule water
世界医药卫生理事会荣誉医学专家?高级工程师陆?-------------------------------------- Honorary Medical Expert of the World Council of Medicine and Health ? Senior Engineer Lu Jiang
人体的几十兆细胞都生活在液体中,它是由血浆经过毛细血管过滤而成的细胞间组织液,含有水和各种营养,作用于细胞膜上。 ---- Dozens of trillion human cells live in liquid. It is interstitial tissue fluid that is filtered by plasma through capillaries. It contains water and various nutrients and acts on cell membranes. There have been two important scientific discoveries about cell membranes in the past 22 years. First, German scientists Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann found that the water channel on the cell membrane was 2 nm. He won the 1991 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. This data shows that after the person is old and weak, there are many macromolecular groups associated with more than a dozen water molecules that cannot drink into the cell membrane water channel. This is an important cause of the gradual weakening and shrinking of organs in the elderly. one of the reasons. The second is that the American scientists Peter Agre and Dr. Roderick McKinnon further studied the mechanism of cell membrane channels, and proved that patients with metabolic disorders were caused by damage to cell membrane glycolipid channels and “gates”, and the carbohydrates and lipids could not function normally. In and out of the cells, the metabolism of glucose and lipids is disrupted, which leads to the formation of glycolipids (three high and four diseases). This research in life sciences won the two scientists the 2003 Nobel Prize. After the publication of this result, pharmacists all over the world are researching and developing drugs, but so far no good medicine has been developed that can open the cell's glycolipid channels and prevent glycolipid diseases.
糖脂病的病因是中老年人因摄入主食肉食常过量,使血浆中血脂、血糖偏高,细胞间组织液中和细胞内的糖类脂类也就过多,造成代谢紊乱,血浆中的脂质在动脉中沉积形成粥样硬化,致患三高四病。 ---- The cause of glycolipid disease is that middle-aged and elderly people often consume excessive amounts of staple foods, which leads to high blood lipids and blood glucose in plasma, too much sugar and lipids in interstitial fluid and intracellular cells, causing metabolic disorders. The lipids in the plasma are deposited in the arteries to form atherosclerosis, which causes three high four diseases. I took medicine because of suffering from hypertension in 1990. I was worried that my parents and grandparents would suffer from stroke paralysis or myocardial infarction. I dreamed of curing hypertension and avoiding atherosclerosis. Only based on the results of China's basic medical experimental research, he invented an ionized water bottle, which treated the water into a high-quality small-molecule water that was detected by nuclear magnetic resonance at 55.82 Hz. This product has been clinically tested by three provincial hospitals, and has been identified by medical experts in Beijing and Guangxi. It is considered to have a "good effect of lowering lipids and blood pressure", "can increase the flow of cardio-cerebral arteries, improve the electrocardiogram and microcirculation", Cerebral atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension have good medical care. "Registered as a quasi-brand medical device, it was launched in 2000. After drinking for a large number of patients for 14 years, it can be reversed to eliminate atherosclerosis and truly cure coronary heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Hypertensive patients drink within 2 to 5 months to eliminate symptoms, stop taking medications, and have normal blood pressure; coronary heart patients take 3-5 months to eliminate various symptoms such as angina pectoris and atrial fibrillation, no longer take medications, drinking ECG for about 1 year is normal No significant stenosis on coronary angiography scans showed that the coronary heart disease was cured. Diabetics drank 6-10 months, and their blood sugar and urine were normal, which cured type 2 diabetes. (See tourys.cn or gxtourys.cn for details)
我的发明让糖脂病人饮用优质小分子团水,因为其内含五、六个水分子的细小簇团多,直径小于1.4nm,容易进入细胞膜上2 nm水通道至细胞内,于是使细胞重新充满活力,修复了糖脂病患者细胞膜上受损的糖脂通道闸门,使衰弱致病的细胞正常地代谢,排出废物,当患者合理膳食,血浆中血糖血脂逐渐正常,就逐渐使细胞间组织液中的糖脂趋干正常,使细胞健康而祛除糖脂病;同时修复全身衰弱器官。 ---- My invention allows glycolipid patients to drink high-quality small molecule water, because it contains many small clusters of five or six water molecules, the diameter is less than 1.4nm, and it is easy to enter the 2 nm water channel on the cell membrane into the cell. Therefore, the cells were rejuvenated, the damaged glycolipid gates on the cell membrane of patients with glycolipidosis were repaired, the weak and diseased cells were metabolized normally, and waste was discharged. When the patient had a reasonable diet, the blood glucose and lipid in the plasma gradually became normal Gradually make the glycolipids in the interstitial tissue fluid dry to normal, make the cells healthy and get rid of glycolipid diseases; at the same time repair the weak organs throughout the body. After understanding these mechanisms, the science of high-quality small-molecule water natural physiotherapy was clarified. High-quality small-molecule water and cell membrane water channels, glycolipid channels, and "gates" are really good fortune. This is an invention with great medical value for the benefit of human beings, which can save patients huge medical expenses and make people live longer and healthier lives.
目前世界上治疗冠心病、高血压和糖尿病,必须终生服药,因为没有治本的药能逆转至消除动脉粥样硬化和恢复胰岛健康,形成的规律是患者早衰早逝,势必突发心梗或中风。 ---- At present, in the world to treat coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, medication must be taken for life, because no cure for the disease can reverse atherosclerosis and restore islet health. The rule of formation is that patients die prematurely and prematurely. Myocardial infarction or stroke. The successful medical practice of the invention in the past 14 years has tested the truth and pioneered the invention of translational medical applications in the world, which is the result of helping people to get rid of illness and enjoy longevity. The broad masses of intellectuals and readers should no longer be superstitious and “water blind” for taking medicine for life. (Consultation 13768308380? See front cover for advertising)

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