Chinese invention patent number: 95120925.6 Utility model patent number: ZL 2009 2 0140978.2 Appraisal certificate of scientific and technological achievements: No. (94) Gui Yao Ke Jian Zi No. 09
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饮用优质小分子团水或可治愈冠心病、高血压和糖尿病 --------- Drinking high quality small molecule water may cure coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes
世界医药卫生理事会荣誉医学专家?高级工程师 ? ----------- ?????????????? Lu Jiang, Senior Engineer, Honorary Medical Expert, World Medical Council
冠心病、高血压和糖尿病靠药不能真正治愈,因为没有消除动脉粥样硬化和恢复胰岛健康的良药,患者往往突发心梗或中风而殒命。 ---- Coronary heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes cannot be truly cured by drugs. Because there is no good medicine to eliminate atherosclerosis and restore islet health, patients often die of sudden myocardial infarction or stroke. Countless people with lofty ideals developed drugs that were difficult to overcome these three major human diseases.
目的:我本是从事建筑的高级工程师,根本没有资格去攻克上述世界医学难题。 --- Purpose: I was a senior engineer engaged in construction and I was not qualified to overcome the above-mentioned medical problems in the world. But I took medicine because of hypertension in 1990. I was worried that my parents and grandparents suffered from stroke paralysis or myocardial infarction. I dreamed of curing hypertension and avoiding atherosclerosis and suffering the same doom. So I studied medicine to understand its etiology, pathology and etiology. I retrieved the excellent results of basic medical research in China: In the 1980s, the International Society of Natural Medicine used nuclear magnetic resonance technology to study water in Changshou villages around the world, and found that water molecules in Changshou village are small. In order to explore the mystery of longevity, many medical research institutions and universities in China feed small mice and rabbits with mammals such as mice and rabbits, and found that the experimental group of animals can increase blood high density lipoprotein, delay and avoid atherosclerosis Like sclerosis, and greatly increase the function of immune cells and spermatogenesis, can also remove free radicals and delay aging. As an engineer, I feel that this result should be translated into medicine for the benefit of mass applications.
方法:我受启发以后,通过对水处理的研究创新和研究筛选,先做成样品,让自家人和朋友们饮用后治愈了高(低)血压和脑动脉粥样硬化,觉得发明应为全人类造福,就与某厂合作进行工业开发。 Method: I was inspired, through research innovation and research screening on water treatment, first made a sample, so that my family and friends can drink to cure high (low) blood pressure and cerebral atherosclerosis. Inventions should benefit all human beings, and cooperate with a factory for industrial development. The treated water was 55.82 Hz high-quality small molecule cluster water detected by NMR, which is smaller than the Guangxi Bama Changshou Village water (66 Hz), which has the world's highest percentage of centenarians. The product was given to three provincial hospitals for clinical observation of cardiovascular disease patients in early 1994 for 4 months. In 1994, it was identified by medical experts in Beijing and Guangxi as "good lipid-lowering and blood-pressure reducing effect", and "expands heart and cerebral arterial flow." "Improving the electroencephalogram and microcirculation", "has a good medical care for the treatment of cardiocerebral atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension." Therefore, I invented a small molecular ion water bottle, which was invented by China in 1996. patent. After retiring in 2000, it was registered as a quasi-medical medical device, taking the lead in transforming China's basic medical research results into medical applications in the world. After entering the market, in order to reduce consumer doubts, the product has always promised efficacy to users through "Quality Tracking Survey" and "Credit Card". I continue to observe and study the long-term efficacy after use. Users are asked to use it after 6 months. Reflect the effect. So the feedback letters flowed, word of mouth.
结果:根据长期跟踪调查,13年来得到大量患者的反馈,表明治愈率很高。 ---- Result: According to the long-term follow-up survey, feedback from a large number of patients in 13 years has shown that the cure rate is high. Hypertensive patients drink within 2 to 5 months, eliminate symptoms, stop taking drugs, normal blood pressure; coronary heart disease patients drink 3 to 5 months, gradually reduce to eliminate various symptoms such as angina pectoris, atrial fibrillation, drinking ECG for about 1 year is normal No significant stenosis on coronary angiography scans, suggesting the recovery of coronary heart disease; and gradually repairing debilitating organs, causing prostatic hyperplasia, chronic pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchitis, chronic gastritis, enteritis, cholecystitis, gallbladder polyps, pancreatitis, Cystitis, silicosis, and eczema and dermatitis are cured without medicine; diabetic patients, due to islet weakness, drink for six months to ten months, stop taking hypoglycemic drugs, normal blood sugar and urine, and truly cure type 2 diabetes. Patients with stroke sequelae who drink it for six or seven months can gradually reduce to eliminate limb and language barriers, indicating that long-lived neuron cells can be gradually repaired and miraculously restore limb and language functions. And because the two important immune organs of the thymus and spleen are repaired and enhanced, it can significantly improve immunity and prevent people from catching a cold or getting sick. It was found that this water has a previously unknown precious effect on human health. ( See: tourys.cn or gxtourys.cn) The drinking practice of a large number of patients has tested the truth, indicating that drinking high-quality small molecule water can really cure high (low) blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes, filling the medical gap and it is human Achieving healthy epoch-making results.
机理:为什么饮用优质小分子团水产生神奇疗效? ---- Mechanism: Why does drinking high-quality small-molecule water produce magical effects? Physiologically and medically, because the water is very dispersed, it is rich in small clusters of five or six water molecules. After drinking, it improves physiological and chemical effects, and the enzyme activity in the human body is enhanced, so blood lipids are good; Because the water is very dispersed, after entering the plasma, the agglomerated red blood cells are dispersed, and at the same time, the new red blood cells are small and deformable every day, so the blood viscosity is reduced; the blood high-density lipoprotein rises from about 1.0 after drinking. As high as 1.8-3.8, so gradually reverse to eliminate atherosclerosis. In addition, because humans ingest water and nutrients, they act on cell membranes and cells. Cells live in interstitial fluid. There are water channels, ion channels, and glycolipid channels on the cell membrane. Cells need to exchange substances with the outside world, absorb oxygen and nutrients, and discharge carbon dioxide and waste. Many middle-aged and elderly people often consume more staple food than their own requirements, which leads to high plasma lipids and blood glucose. The plasma is filtered by capillaries to become intercellular tissue fluids. The excessive excessive sugars and lipids cause metabolic disorders. Lipids in the plasma are deposited in the arteries to form atherosclerosis, which causes three high four diseases. According to American scientists Peter Agre and Roderick McKinnon, who further studied cell membrane water channels and ion channels, made a pioneering contribution to the study of channel structure and mechanism. They proved that patients with metabolic disorders are due to the cell's glycolipid channels. And the gate was damaged, and the carbohydrates and lipids could not enter and exit the cells normally, so that the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids was disturbed, and the glycolipid disease (three high four diseases) was formed. The results of this life science research earned the two scientists the 2003 Nobel Prize. After the publication of this result, pharmacists around the world are researching and developing drugs, but so far no good medicine has been developed that can open the cell's glycolipid channels and prevent glycolipid diseases.
而当糖脂病人饮用优质小分子团水,内含五、六个水分子的细小簇团多,直径小于1.4nm,容易进入细胞膜上2 nm水通道至细胞内,于是使细胞重新充满活力,修复了糖脂病患者细胞膜上受损的糖脂通道闸门,使衰弱致病的细胞正常地代谢,排出废物,当患者合理膳食,血浆中血糖血脂逐渐正常,就逐渐使细胞间组织液中的血糖血脂正常,使细胞健康而祛除糖脂病;同时修复上述的种种衰弱器官。 --- And when the glycolipid patients drink high-quality small molecule water, there are many small clusters containing five or six water molecules, the diameter is less than 1.4nm, and it is easy to enter the 2 nm water channel on the cell membrane into the cell, so the cell is re-established. Full of vitality, repair the damaged glycolipid channel gate on the cell membrane of patients with glycolipid disease, make the weak and diseased cells metabolize normally, and discharge waste. When the patient has a reasonable diet, the blood glucose and lipid in the plasma gradually become normal, and the intercellular tissue fluid gradually The blood glucose and lipid in the blood are normal, which makes the cells healthy and eliminates the glycolipid disease; at the same time, repairs all the aforementioned debilitating organs. After understanding these mechanisms, the science of high-quality small-molecule water physiotherapy was clarified. Practice has tested the truth, and this result shines the glory of translating medicine from China's basic medical and life science research results, making high-quality small-molecule water a good medicine to cure cardiovascular disease. This is the research result of life sciences in China.
结论:一、饮用优质小分子团水能同时全面地医疗冠心病、脑动脉粥样硬化、高(低)血压、高血脂、高黏血症和2型糖尿病,及因“三高”引起的微循环障碍而形成的衰弱器官并发症,包括前列腺增生和矽肺病及中风后遗症等,实现多病同治,使衰弱细胞和器官重获健康,可以作为高血压和冠心病的补充疗法。 ---- Conclusions: 1. Drinking high-quality small molecule water can comprehensively treat coronary heart disease, cerebral atherosclerosis, high (low) blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperviscosity, and type 2 diabetes. "Deficiency" caused by microcirculation disorders, including prostatic hyperplasia, silicosis, and sequelae of stroke, etc., to achieve the same disease treatment, restore debilitated cells and organs to health, can be used as supplementary therapy for hypertension and coronary heart disease . And because the two important immune organs, the thymus and the spleen, are repaired and enhanced, more immune cells are generated, which improves people's immunity, and they usually do not catch a cold or get sick. This is a kind of holistic medical treatment for people.
二、我国喝优质小分子团水理疗,是人类防治心脑血管病及实现健康长寿梦想的宝贵发现,也是百年来最治本、最安全、最经济的理疗方法,攻克了根治冠心病、高(低)血压和2型糖尿病的医学难题,在医学治疗史上是划时代的成果,具有重大的社会经济和战略意义。 --- II. Drinking high-quality small-molecule water physiotherapy in China is a valuable discovery for humans to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and realize the dream of healthy and longevity. It is also the most radical, safest, and most economical physiotherapy method in the past century. The medical problems of high and low blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are epoch-making achievements in the history of medical treatment, and have great socioeconomic and strategic significance.
三、我国当前是通过喝优质小分子团水,唯一能逆转、消除和预防动脉粥样硬化的国家。 --- 3. China is currently the only country that can reverse, eliminate and prevent atherosclerosis by drinking high-quality small molecule water. This can reduce people's cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cardiac surgery, enable people to prolong life, and save a lot of medical resources for the country and the home. In China, one-fifth of 200 million hypertensive patients, or 40 million people, use the product. It is estimated that based on the annual saving of 3,000 yuan per person per year, it can save the country 120 billion yuan a year, reducing the burden of ordinary people on drug costs. National interests and people are conducive to the health and longevity of all humankind.
四、13年来很多读者和医生对此难以理解或心存疑惑,误认为吃药才能治病。 --- For the past four or 13 years, many readers and doctors have difficulty understanding or have doubts about this, and mistakenly believe that taking medicine can cure the disease. Now I have used 13 years of practice to prove that high-quality small molecule water is better than medicine, and solves the medical problem that humans need to truly cure coronary heart disease, high (low) blood pressure and diabetes, and debilitating organs and sequelae of stroke. After smashing the "medication for life" yoke, people are expected to live for two or three decades after eliminating atherosclerosis. This result will be understood and valued by most people and will benefit humanity for thousands of generations.
五、由于该成果是我个人长期跟踪观察用户的结果,而不是国家级评审结论,所以只能说:饮用优质小分子团水治愈冠心病和2型糖尿病已取得阶段成果。 --- 5. Since this result is the result of my personal long-term follow-up observation of users, rather than the conclusion of national review, I can only say that drinking high-quality small molecule water to cure coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes has achieved stage results. I will use this project in cooperation with medical research institutions or medical universities to conduct clinical trials to extend the observation period again. It will be concluded that drinking high-quality small molecule water can truly cure coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This conclusion will have a strong impact on China's current medical system of "supporting medicine with medicines". This system makes medical units profit and generate income, and "medication for life" for the three major illnesses of the people will tie the doctors to their chain of interests, resulting in doctor-patient disputes many. China is bound to end the medical system of "supporting medicine with medicine". For the health and longevity of their families and human generations, doctors will promote the innovative development of medicine and support the public to adopt this new type of cure for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases to better benefit humanity.
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