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Water Research of Changshou Village, Bama, Guangxi
世界医药卫生理事会荣誉医学专家高级工程师陆江 ---- Lu Jiang, Senior Medical Specialist with Honorary Medical Specialist, World Medical Council

在中国的广西巴马瑶族自治县的群山中,宛若世外桃源,世世代代有几个长寿村,当地最著名的是那桃乡班交村,他们都喝丽琅长绿山泉水,被称为“神仙水” 。 ---- In the mountains of the Bama Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi, China, it seems like a paradise. There are several longevity villages for generations. The most famous local is the village of Banjiao in Natao Township. They all drink Lilang Changlu Mountain spring water. It is called "Fairy Water". Among the longevity villagers, the elderly over the age of eighty or ninety are still happily farming and working in Tanaka. The percentage of centenarians in the world is the first in the longevity village in the world. Bamapin has 100,000 people with 30.8 centenarians. In 1981, the 12th International Geriatric Congress recognized Bama in China as the world's longevity county. According to historical records, the longest-lived person in the region lived to 145 years old, and currently Luo Meiying, 127 years old, is still alive.
For decades, Chinese and foreign scientists have conducted field visits to the longevity area of Bama, Guangxi. According to the Modern Test Center of Fudan University in China, its half-width was 61-66 Hz, determined by nuclear magnetic resonance (017-NMR). This is a unique condition that is particularly prominent in Bama Changshou Village.
I. Reasons for Longevity in Bama Changshou Village:
水和空气是人类生活健康的最重要因素。 --- Water and air are the most important factors in the health of human life. Twenty years ago, the International Society of Natural Medicine researched and measured the water in Changshou villages around the world. The nuclear magnetic resonance spectra showed that the half widths were 64, 74, 75, 76, and 82 Hz, indicating that the molecular clusters of water in Changshou village are small. For natural small molecule water. Glacial spring water has a half-width of 63Hz and is also an excellent natural small molecule water. Our institute has conducted research on small-molecule water for many years, and believes that the important conditions that cause Bama Changshou Village are as follows:
I. Water: Water in Bama is a good small molecule water. The half-width of Bama Lilang Changlu Mountain Spring Water is 61-66Hz, which is one of the important reasons for the longevity of Bama people.
The water in Bama area is also natural weak alkaline active water. Its pH is generally between 7.2 and 8.3, and it is rich in minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Bama's water is clean and pollution-free. The most important reason is that the Panyang River has a high and strong self-purification water treatment capacity. The more than 30 kilometers of the upper reaches of the Panyang River are mostly underground rivers. This section consists of Liuyang Cave, Bai Mo Cave, Bai Bird Rock, Crystal Palace and other four underground cave river systems. In addition, the source of Panyang River-the water source cave in Fengshan County, the magical Panyang River is completely created. A "multi-purification" "natural magnetic water treatment machine" that is a masterpiece of nature.
2. Air: Bama has a high content of negative air ions. As we all know, air negative ions have three great names: "environment", "air vitamin" and "atmospheric longevity factor". It can effectively eliminate oxygen free radicals in the human body, regulate human emotions in the best state, and protect the human body from chronic diseases, especially cancer.
3. Geomagnetism: Studies have shown that the geomagnetic field in Bama is much higher than that of other regions on the earth, and is several times that of other regions. The high magnetic field can shield the harmful rays in the sun , and the water in Changshou Village is cut by the magnetic field lines into six-ring water of small molecular clusters. At the same time, a certain magnetic field strength can improve the blood circulation of the human body, especially the microcirculation, and adjust the ion balance and yin-yang balance of the human body.
Fourth, Bama Changshou Village eats less staple foods and less meat, eats fresh vegetables, and often eats oil fish from Panyang River. Many centenarians do not eat staple food for dinner, but only eat fruits and vegetables.
5. The elderly in Changshou Village insist on the right amount of labor or activities
two,   How big is the molecular mass of ordinary water?
Many universities and research and testing institutions in China judge the size of water clusters based on the quantified index of half-width nuclear magnetic resonance. The measured value of half width of water: tap water 110 ~ 130Hz (Hertz), distilled water 118Hz, well water 105Hz, rain water 105 ~ 119Hz, ordinary mineral water 94Hz. The half-width of water is related to the local water pollution. The sodium ion or pollutants in the water increase, and the half-width increases. If metal ions such as calcium are contained in the water and hydrogen bonds between water molecules are cut off, the molecular clusters become smaller.
日本开发300米以下的深层海洋水比较早,发现其基本不受河流污染,细菌数量很少,开始用于养鱼和海藻,后来经过淡化用于做豆腐、化妆品、面包和造酒,但因必须经过淡化,所以成本大大高于矿泉水。 ---- Japan developed the deep ocean water below 300 meters earlier. It was found that it was basically not polluted by rivers and had a small number of bacteria. It was used for fish farming and seaweed. It was later used to make tofu, cosmetics, bread and wine. , But because it must be desalinated, the cost is much higher than mineral water. In addition, Japan has not done basic medical research on mammals, so Japan has remained in the stage of drinking electrolytic ionized water. According to the newly-published [Japanese] Fujita Aiichiro's book "Water Determines Health": The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Japan recognized the Kyoto University School of Medicine in 1999 with the use of weakly alkaline ionized water produced by an electrolytic ionized water machine for people with upset stomachs to drink. The results only proved effective for "chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract, and hyperacidity". The author of the book mistakenly thought it was the first case in the world. 因而,至今日美欧等国还没有利用小分子团水治疗心脑血管病。 ----------------- Therefore, to date, the United States, Europe and other countries have not used small molecule water to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Besides, the NMR index of water is never indicated in the manual of the Nissan water machine, so it cannot be identified as high-quality small molecular water. In China, some people use the weak alkaline water of the water ionizer to make clinical observations of hypertension and hyperlipidemia, but the effect is poor and they can only be used as daily necessities. So not every drink of small molecule water will have a significant effect. At present, it is generally accepted in the world that nuclear magnetic resonance can only be called high-quality small molecule water if its half-width is below 60Hz.
3. Research results of our company and research institute on longevity water technology
1990年初,我因患高血压而研究水时,只能用紫外光谱透过率测试研究,靠曲线对比电子云层的异化程度,判别水中是否富含小分子团,缺乏说服力。 ---- At the beginning of 1990, when I was studying water due to high blood pressure, I could only use the ultraviolet transmittance test to study. The degree of alienation of the electron cloud layer was compared by the curve to determine whether the water was rich in small molecular groups, which was not convincing. Now, in May 2008, I commissioned the Modern Analysis Center of Nanjing University to use nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to test. The half-width of Nanjing tap water after boiling and cooling was 130.26Hz, and the measured value of Zhuokang product treated water was 55.82Hz. The results show that the clusters of Zhuokang small-molecule water are smaller and are excellent small-molecule water clusters, which are superior to Changshou village water and glacier spring water in various places. The world recognizes that water with a measured value below 60Hz is super high quality water, and Zhuokang small molecular water is one of super high quality water. This solves the mystery of drinking Zhuokang small molecular water to produce a superior biological effect. Zhuokang products have been clinically tested in three provincial hospitals. After 2 to 4 months of drinking observation, they were identified by medical experts in Beijing and Guangxi as "good lipid-lowering effect", "for cardio-cerebral atherosclerosis, Hypertension and hyperlipidemia have good medical and health care functions, "and believe that the product's technical performance and efficacy have reached the leading level of similar products. Product registration as a standard medical device. This provides convenient and applicable equipment for drinking small molecular water at home or in the workplace.
十三年来,该品己经过3万多人使用,表明广大中老年人饮用2~5个月,能治愈已患了三四十年的高(低)血压,包括七八十岁的老人,停药后血压也能稳定在110-130/70-80亳米汞柱的正常水平,脉压差为35-45的理想值,表明主动脉、大动脉的粥样硬化已消除,血管恢复了弹性;更为可喜的是,许多人患了多年的冠心病,包括冠脉内放了支架或做了“搭桥术”、“ 扩囊术” 的较重的冠心病患者也痊愈了。 --- Thirteen years, the product has been used by more than 30,000 people, indicating that the majority of middle-aged and elderly people who drink it for 2 to 5 months can cure the high (low) blood pressure that has been suffered for 30 to 40 years, including 70-80 years old Elderly people, the blood pressure can be stabilized at the normal level of 110-130 / 70-80 mmHg after the drug is stopped, and the ideal pulse pressure difference is 35-45, indicating that the atherosclerosis of the aorta and aorta has been eliminated, and the blood vessels Resilience was restored; even more gratifying is that many people have suffered from coronary heart disease for many years, including heavier coronary heart disease patients who have had a stent placed in the coronary artery or have undergone “bypass surgery” or “cystectomy”. A large number of users are thankful for writing. Many people also told that the high-density lipoprotein increased significantly after drinking, as high as 1.8 to 2.63 to 3.2 to 3.8, indicating that drinking the small molecule water improves the biochemical effect in the human body, saying that there is scientific basis for the true cure of hypertension and coronary heart disease. Many users also reported that patients had good blood lipids and blood viscosity, greatly improved microcirculation, and gradually repaired atrophied organs, so prostate hyperplasia, chronic gastritis, enteritis, laryngitis, bronchitis, bronchitis, cholecystitis and eczema dermatitis Such illnesses are cured without medicine.The old people also report that they do not have or rarely catch a cold after drinking, indicating that the two important immune organs, the thymus and the spleen, have been strengthened so that they can produce more immune cells and thus improve immunity .

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The spring water of Lilang Evergreen Mountain in Bama Changshou Village flows into the Panyang River

The natural small molecular water of Lilang Evergreen Mountain Spring makes people healthy and longevity


Group photo of Lu Jiang with centenarians


Lu Jiang at Xinrong Longevity Base

喝微小分子团水 ----- Drink water with tiny molecules

健康享天年 --------- Enjoy health forever

Lu Jiang inspects Changshou Village in Bama

Drink tiny molecules

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Li Fuxing, "Water, is it medicine or poison?" 》 The size of various water molecules is introduced in the book

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Li Fuxing, "Water, is it medicine or poison?" 》 The size of various water molecules is introduced in the book

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People who live in downtown cities change ordinary water to longevity village water!

In eight famous longevity villages in the world, villagers all drink natural small molecule water. The percentage of centenarians in Changshou Village, Bama, Guangxi, China occupies the first place in the world. They usually drink Lilang Mountain spring water, which is 61-66 Hz after nuclear magnetic resonance detection. Drinking this water from an early age makes the cells in the body have sufficient water supply without suffering from debilitating organ diseases. The two important immune organs, the thymus and spleen, do not atrophy, and there are many immune cells in the blood. , The old people died without illness. This shows that the water supply of cells is sufficient for long life.

However, ordinary people usually drink ordinary water, the water molecular clusters are large and small, and the nuclear magnetic resonance detection is 120 to 145 Hz. Because contemporary biological science research confirms that the water channel on the cell membrane is only 2 nanometers, the cell membrane water channel can only enter small clusters associated with 4-6 water molecules. The larger molecular clusters in the water are excluded and cannot be absorbed by the cells. And excreted from the urine. Therefore, drinking ordinary water to obtain small molecule water is less. When the supply of water to the cells does not supply and demand, the cells of certain organs are slowly dehydrated, and the water content of the cells is gradually reduced, but small molecule water is continuously secreted for the digestive organs. When small molecules of water in the body are not enough, the cells cannot normally metabolize and divide and proliferate, causing the cells of some organs to gradually apoptotic and reduce, resulting in gradual weakening and atrophy, which may be manifested in the large intestine, rectum, arteries, islets, prostate, lung bubbles, Stomach, intestine, gallbladder, kidney and skin and thymus, spleen and other organs. When cells in the body are dehydrated, they first take water from the large intestine, causing constipation and hemorrhoids; when the arterial cells are dehydrated, the cells have no "exocytosis", and the arteries lose their self-cleaning function. Lipids are easily deposited in the arteries, causing atherosclerosis. Causes high blood pressure, low blood pressure and coronary heart disease; when the islet cells are dehydrated, the islet cells are reduced and the islets are weakened, causing diabetes; if the prostate cells are dehydrated, macromolecular water is retained outside the cells, causing prostate hypertrophy ... So, people Drinking ordinary water increases with age, debilitating organ diseases gradually increase, and gradually form a variety of debilitating organ cell dehydration disorders such as high and low blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease and prostate hyperplasia.

For thousands of years, humans need to take medicine for life, and they cannot be cured for decades. However, Lu Jiang, a senior engineer in Nanning, China, wanted to cure high blood pressure in 1990. He researched and invented an ion water bottle to process small molecular clusters of water for drinking. The water was 55.8 Hz by nuclear magnetic resonance detection, which is smaller than the water in Changshou Village. This product has undergone clinical trials and expert appraisals by the hospital. It was awarded a Chinese invention patent in 1999. The product has been tracked and investigated after it was put on the market in 2000. According to feedback from users across the country: Eliminate high and low blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease, and make prostate hyperplasia, Sore throat, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchitis, silicosis, asthma, chronic gastritis, enteritis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic nephritis, renal failure, cystitis, constipation, hemorrhoids, rheumatoid arthritis and eczema dermatitis and stroke sequelae And other diseases without medicine. Why drinking tiny water can cure more than 20 diseases? Lu Jiang was inspired by the discovery by German scientists in 1991 that the cell membrane water channel is only 2 nanometers. It is believed that the disease of many organs is caused by dehydration of cells, which can not normally metabolize and divide and proliferate, so that organ cells are reduced and weakened and atrophic, resulting in cell dehydration. Illness. The practice of 16 years has strongly supported the important argument of "cell dehydration causing disease", showing that drinking tiny water can meet the physiological needs of cells, and hydration can eliminate diseases, which is a new bright spot in life sciences.

If people drink ordinary water, they will gradually suffer from a variety of cell dehydration disorders. Drinking tiny water can replenish the cells of various organs, enable cells to metabolize and divide and proliferate, repair various debilitating organs, and eliminate diabetes that is difficult to treat for thousands of years. , High and low blood pressure, coronary heart disease and prostatic hyperplasia and other cell dehydration disorders, to obtain health without taking medication and suffering for life; it also shows that healthy people drinking tiny water can prevent disease, prolong the use of healthy organs, delay aging, and prolong life. "Cell-induced dehydration" is a missing cause in Pathophysiology. This cause is of great significance to people's health, which means that taking medicine for life is unscientific, doctors will be forced to use less cures and advocate drinking tiny water to cure the disease, and let people cure the disease and restore health!

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